6938675 300x300 *New EP* Correlate   Dont Lie to Me

ATTENTION DEEP HOUSE / TECH HOUSE ENTHUSIAST! A new EP was released on March 1st on the label Plus Plus. The EP titled, Don’t Lie to Me, features five tracks from one of their latest signings, Correlate, who brings classical sounds back with the flavor of old school dance music tracks fused with a new age enthusiasm. The EP Don’t Lie to Me also features two tracks remixed by Chemical Play and SRS BSNS. Chemical Play are a dynamic duo from the UK who are residents to the Plus Plus label. SRS BSNS comes straight out of Jersey and brings a tougher sound to round off the EP.

Produced by Correlate, the track “About Me”, has a driving bass line combined with a vintage drum machine. The track “Don’t Lie” changes the pace on the EP, with buttery smooth pads and soulful a cappella that turns into a track that’s way too groovy; just wait til the sax player comes in and works it with the piano! Yet again changing the sound, the track “Living for the Night” has basic deep house vibes that combine a bouncy bass line with some hypnotic chords.

To bring some power to the EP “Don’t Lie to Me”,  SRS BSNS remixes “Don’t Lie” and doesn’t show any remorse in tearing it down. He takes you on a journey with this track starting with a throbbing bass line and a tough driving groove that he pushes all the way through only to bring it back to the original key.

Bringing the EP full circle is the remix of the track “Living For The Night” by Chemical Play. This track is remixed to create a sound with a low, slinky groove and a bass line fused with a mangled version of the original a cappella which sounds eerie yet beautiful.

The EP Don’t Lie to Me is available now for download exclusively through Beatport. Stay connected with Plus Plus, Correlate, SRS BSNS, and Chemical Play for more house music releases in the future.

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