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With the fresh release of his Darkness Over Everything EP and much more in the works, LeDoom has risen to the top over the course of a year. Hailing from Texas and stepping into the scene in 2009, LeDoom has developed his own version of moombahton properly deemed doombahton, and climbed the music charts with his dirty bass sounds. Genres cannot hold LeDoom down, as he produces above and beyond genre classifications. Make sure to catch LeDoom’s rager set at our Bassick Elements show at SXSW in Austin. Music You Need is partening up with our bass-tastic friends Level 4 PR and DJ ATG to bring you hard hitting, underground whomps and wobbles that turn your  face into jelly. See LeDoom at the Karma Lounge on March 11th for 12 full hours of elemental bass music that denies pigeonholing while giving you the freshest sounds around town. With dubstep.net as our presenting sponsor, you know this is going to be a dope show. Check out LeDoom’s newest EP below, learn more about this producer, and see his hard hitting set at BassicK Elements.

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How would you describe your sound(s)?

Well, that sometimes maybe hard to describe at times because it depends on my mood when i am writing but, generally it’s a very eclectic mix of genere’s and sounds. The most recent (Darkness Over Everything EP) which is going to be released through Play Me Records via Free download i think will have a clear definition. I grew up plying guitar, and being in bands and loving metal (among a million styles of other music) but i think i let me influences show thorugh with this release. It’s def darker, heavier, and different from everything that has been out so far.

Could you ever imagine your growth in popularity over the span of one year? Where do you see your music in the next couple years? Will you still be focusing on moombahton?

There is noooooooo freaking way I cold have predicted anything of this sort. I has been overwhelming and an amazing experience so far and I am definitely thankful for everything that has happened so far, including all the new friends I have made, the artist’s I have been able to work and all the people that have taken the time to check out my music. I’m not quite certain where I will be musically in the new few years, I mean I have an idea of where I might like to be but there is still some sonic elements I would like to explore and mesh with my “sound” at the moment.

When did you first step into the scene as an EDM producer?

I would say around late 2009 ? I began dj’ing around that time and then shortly after began to work on remixes and write music.

What’s your DAW of choice? 

Well, I started out on Reason, switched to Logic Pro, some of the time use Ableton and have gone to school from Pro Tools. They all have some features that are a bit more favorable than one another but with my experience I would have to say Logic is my goto. I am very comfortable with it and love the sound and feel of it.

How is doombahton different than moombahton?

Doombahton VS Moombahton ! There are close, very close to being one in the same. It’s kind of crazy because one day I just started labeling my tracks as “Doombahton” on sound cloud kind of for fun and as a reflection of the kind of moombah I was making (which IMO has a bit darker sound) and then I kept rolling with it. I liked the darker, heavier, almost “metal” esque vibes of some of the remixes and originals I have put out. Although not all is dark, I do love the soul and house side of it as well, but I think “Doombahton” offers a diff side of it.

What do you think of the trap phenomenom and where do you think it is going?

It’s kind of crazy! It exploded out of nowhere almost. I remember at one point moombahton had seen a similar rise but not nearly to the affect of what trap has done. I think a lot of it can be attributed to the internet as well as a fresh new take on a style of music that has been around for some time now. I’m not sure I can say where I think it is going because I am not sure, but I think it will remain part of the electronic music industry for a while to come and I’d love to see what new sounds it develops into.

How picky are  you with song selection? Are you  drawn to any particular genres?

Honestly very picky. I like playing things that people may not have heard of used to but can mix in with the current set ATM or be able to switch it up on the fly. It would be hard to say one genre because I have a love for almost all of them but… House gets me every time. Something about just works for me and I love it.

How did the appearance of Deth on moombahton forever affect your career?

Very positively I think! I was happy to have been able to be a apart of something I feel is so monumental for Moombahton as a whole. I mean so many of it’s innovators along with people who helped shape the sound were on the compilation that I feel honored to be a part of it on that scale. Also the thing about “DETH” was that I wanted it to really have that “Doombahton” sound mentioned earlier, I wanted it to stand out and be different and a new spin on moombahton.

Is there anything in the works with Craze or perhaps another moombahton compilation in the future? 

There are always lots of things bubbling! Gonna have to stay tuned though!

What’s next for LeDoom?

Music, music, music & MUSIC!!! There is a lot of tunes that I have ideas for that I want to get out. Lot’s of touring getting planned for this year. Mainly though,  work harder and harder!

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