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This Colorado based trio brings us soul and swag through OG Status. With Julian Garland producing for five years, Clark Smith’s smooth and sultry sax sounds, and Colby Buckler’s live drums, OG Status brings all the right elements to their live performances. OG Status has come together for their High Roller Tour which will be hitting California, Austin, and Denver by the end of March. This trio knows how to get people to wile out to their bass-tastic prodution while amplifying the funk and soul with live drums and sax.  Please check out OG Status’ interview below, listen to their gangsta ratchet sounds, and connect with this collab to see them on tour.

What have each of you brought from your own musical experiences to OG Status?

We have all come from different musical upbringings which is what make the project so unique. Colby started playing drums when he was 3 and played in bands ranging from punk to hip hop. Julian grew up listening to all genres of music, primarily hi hop and has producing for five years and Clark has been playing the sax for 15 years and grew up playing jazz.

How did the three of you meet? When did you decide to work together? What’s it been like so far?

We met thru friends around boulder briefly and ended up playin some shows together in our seperate projects, started kickin it alot quikly after that and decided to start up OG Status around August of last year.

What is one thing people should know about OG Status?

We here, We buck and we outcheer grindin’

You describe your sound as future ratchet, but it contains so much more. What is it like to create and perform the type of music you do? Describe your sound like you’re telling someone who’s never heard it before.

The music we play is hype, bass heavy trap/hip hop inspired music that is made with the intension for people to come to the shows, get buck, party, and have a good time. We feel like the addition of live drums and sax also brings out some of the funk and jazz aspects that we all love as well and brings a more dynamic experience to the live show.

Who do you guys listen to when you aren’t creating music? 

The underachievers
A$ap mob
Kendrick Lamar
Frank ocean
Adventure club
Gucci mane

What are you looking forward to most on this tour?

SXSW is definitely something we are all looking forward to

What’s next for OG Status?

Its nothing but up from here, cant wait to see where this project takes us!

Anything else you’d like to mention?

Big s/o to the madero group and everyone who has helped spread our sound and made this tour possible.

Big thanks to music you need for all the support and all other blogs who have supported us as well

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