bfrmx front 300x300 *New Video* Blue Foundation   Lost

Blue Foundation released a new video for their track “Lost” featuring Sara Savery. Blue Foundation is a Brooklyn based electronic pop duo made up of Tobias Wilner and instrumentalist Bo Rande. They are best known for their double platinum song “Eyes on Fire,” which was released on Dead People’s Choice Records. Last year they released the album In My Mind I Am Free and this January they remixed the album and titled it In My Mind I Am Reconstructed, which are both available for download on Beatport.

The music video for “Lost” was shot over two days, and according to Tobias Wilner, is “about the connections between still photography and the moving image, with artistic reference to the French filmakers of La Nouvelle Vague.” Check out the new music video now and make sure to stay connected with Blue Foundation and Dead People’s Choice Records for more music.

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