On Febuary 26th the third release on Futra, titled Surveyor, became available; it features music from artists such as Dustmite, Rajeev Maddela, Audio Injection,  and Perception. This EP is for all you techno lovers out there and provides hard hitting sounds, deep dark bass lines, and lush soundscapes. Futra 003’s Surveyor EP features four original tracks from Dustmite including a collaboration between him and Rajeev Maddela. Surveyor also includes two remixes of Dustmite’s tracks by Audio Injection and Perceptron.

Dustmite is an emerging talent in the U.S. who has a style that is rhythmically diverse, in addition to a unique voice that creates a sound of his own. His music is influenced by nights he spent underground in the cities of Brooklyn, Los Angeles, and Berlin.

Audio Injection has a sound that stays pure to techno with mind bending sounds of the deeper, darker, raw side. Audio Injection has released tracks on labels such as Monoid, Stimulus, CLR, Electric Deluxe, Sleaze, and Droid Recordings. He has been with Droid Recordings since 2003 and earned himself a resident position in 2011.

Perceptron, new moniker from Villain, is an artist coming straight out of L.A. that creates a dark techno style perfect for the dance floor. Perceptron is the co-founder of London based Singularity Recordings and started Feedforward in 2012, which is an outlet for productions that only convey the same gritty style as Perceptron.

Below is a preview of the new EP, Surveyor, which is available on Beatport, iTunes, and trackitdown right now so make sure you get your copy. Make sure to also stay connected with Dustmite, Audio Injection, Perceptron, and Futra for more techno releases in the future.



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