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Dov is a man of many sounds. Behind the Muti Music imprint he selects and produces sounds ranging from dubstep to glitch to breaks, and everything in between. Whether playing at Burning Man, Shambhala, or Coachella, Dov brings the heat with his energetic bass that hits you hard and leaves you on the ground wanting more. His seasoned sounds and high production quality will also be hitting our SXSW BassicK Elements show in Austin, Texas. On March 11th, Music You Need, Level 4 PR, and DJ ATG are throwing down a massive rager at the Karma Lounge for 12 hours of full bass-centric fun from 2 p.m. to 2 a.m. Whether you like glitch, trap, moombha, or good ol’ dubstep, we have you covered at our SXSW show. Producers on the lineup include Kill Paris, gLAdiator, Amine Edge & Dance, Sazon Booya, and many more.  Please check out Dov and all these dope artists and their blissful sets at our BassicK Elements show at SXSW. Peruse Dov’s interview below, taste his delectable sounds, and buy your pre-sales to check out Dov at BassicK Elements.

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How would you describe your sound(s)?

pretty much bass music, right now a fusion of Juke-Jungle , Trap & DnB and still feeling the freedom to go in Dubstep, Drumstep or Glitch-Hop directions.

What goes into the selection process for the tracks you pick? Is it more of a feeling or an intellectual choice?

I always have a few tunes that I’m curious if folks would ‘go there’ with me and often it’s a matter of thinking of ways to trick people into liking something new.

For instance when I’m playing to a crowd that I know is not a Juke / Footwork sort of crowd but then working them into it through Jungle beats , or working a crowd that likes faster beats into the halftime or even Glitch Funk stuff by bring it in through Drumstep, or Trap coming in through Dubstep.

I also believe you create your own freedom in what you play and generally an audience will resonate with it if you’re playing what you like a lot and playing it well.

Where do you get the energy in the tracks you put out?

I like to believe that the more pretty you go , the more license you have to go harder, you also avoid being put into the ‘only for bro’s’ category if you’re dropping melodies and some ethereal moments.

How is it running the imprint Muti Music? What are your goals and aspirations in having this imprint?

Back at the start it was largely to give some US west coast artists I knew an outlet and to create exposure for them, a few years down the line it became broader in scope and often about pushing emerging bass music sounds that I liked along with emerging artists that peaked my curiosity and still staying true to artists I have an ongoing relationship with.

What has been your favorite festival or venue to perform at? Any dream venues like the pyramids, or the moon?

Tough to pick one as a high performance moment often feels like the best at the time, but my top few festivals would be The Village Stage at Shambhala Music Festival, Earth Frequency, Subsonic & Rainbow Serpent in Australia, certain stages at Burning Man and then for a club, 1015 Folsom in San Francisco.

What is your favorite part about the process of collaborating with other artists, like .illGates and An-ten-nae?

I’ll add The Funk Monsta to that list too and say it’s pretty much picking up on each others inspirations and the different working process, also sometimes making it fun like recording custom percussion that you make together or something like that. It’s truly motivating and any collaboration I’ve done takes half the time because you help each other past blocks that sometimes hold you up for hours on your own in the studio getting ‘loop brain’.

You have some tour dates coming up in the future as well as the BassicK Elements show at SXSW. What is your favorite part about connecting with people across the U.S. with your sounds?

Music is a universal language and says things to strangers that I could never think of saying. I also love meeting the creative communities that grow around events and promotion crews.

What is your DAW of choice?

Logic Pro

As a young child did you ever dream of making music or owning your own imprint?

I actually always thought I’d have a radio show, but not necessarily as a career and my music making was guitar but I did not think I was very good at it.

What’s next for Dov?

Creating discipline to make more tunes as I have always put more focus on Muti Music first and then not found time to produce much, so I really want to increase my output and then also bump Muti Music up a notch or two in diversity and quality product.

Release wise I have a bunch of remixes coming out Feb, March and April:

TASO – This One Right Here (Dov’s Jungle-Juke Remix)

Bevvy Swift – Monochrome (Dov Remix)

Psymbionic – Apex (Dov Remix)


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 Nemo Junglist-BassicK Elements Showcase Mixtape

BassicK Elements Info:

March 11th 2pm-2am

21 +

Karma Lounge, Austin TX

Presale Tickets-$15

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