Thursday seamless Tipsy Tree Thursdays w/ Seamless
Hey everyone, welcome back to another edition of Tipsy Tree Thursdays here on Music You Need. This week I’m featuring a really unique producer named Seamless. Seamless is integrated into the electronic dance music production community through his involvement in reddit’s edmproducers and edmpdj subreddits and his instructional YouTube channel. His Youtube channel features over fifty tutorials on synthesizers, production tips, tracks he’s made, and more. With nearly nine thousand subscribers and nearly six hundred thousand views, Seamless is certainly helping the EDM community out. Seamless utilizes FL studio for production and focuses on that tool during his videos, but a lot of the information is applicable to any DAW.

If that’s not already cool enough for you, Seamless is also in heavy metal band and plays the Super Double Bass Keytar. He has a walk through below, and as an electronics and musician, I was totally geeking out.

Ok, let’s jump to the music. His latest release is titled “Connector.” It’s an electro house track that also has a strong melody. It’s a bit on the slower side for an electro house tune, but I like tempo that allows for maximal headbanging. The track has some cool warped vocal samples through out that give it a complextro feel. It’s a free download below.

Looking for some drum and bass to spice up your life? If so, check out “Empire” by Seamless. It’s an in-your-face percussion masterpiece. The bass is pure and powerful while maintaining a steady melody. Great tune, and free download.

“Antecoder” is a dubstep masterpiece. It has plenty of wobbles while holding onto a melody that the listener can relate to. The action is all over the place and is deep and powerful. Free download, and you can watch it played through in FL Studio on Youtube.

I love me some glitch hop. Seamless’s “Third Watch” is a complex, choppy and bass-filled instrumental that shows off his percussion skills. Super cool, check it out and it’s also a free download.

Recently, Seamless has put up a lot of his old work. Being a gamer, I immediately was drawn towards his remix of Kingdom Hearts 2’s “Sinister Sundown.” It’s a great adaptation of the original. It holds onto the original melody while giving it fast disco beat. Really cool, check it out and download it if you’d like.

seamless superdoublebasskeytar Tipsy Tree Thursdays w/ Seamless
Overall, Seamless is an incredibly talented producer and fantastic educator. I heard a rumor that he’s going to be looking more into creating some live sets for EDM and I can’t wait to experience that! Give him some love below and check out his tutorials on YouTube.

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