Corey Baker a.k.a. Kill Paris is a music producer hailing from L.A. and headliner at our SXSW BassicK Elements show. Kill Paris uses Ableton live and his own custom controllers to play and loop guitar, bass, synth, and drum beats while mixing it in his own tracks. If you like electro, house, funk, and dubstep, Kill Paris does it all, infusing it into his sets for a show never seen before. Currently on tour with Big Gigantic and Manic, Kill Paris is making moves and providing many free tracks for the public to enjoy. As well as touring with Big G and Manic, Kill Paris will be at our SXSW BassicK Elements show in Austin, Texas at the Karma Lounge on March 11th. Music You Need is partering up with Level 4 PR and DJ ATG to bring you 12 hours of dubstep, trap, glitch, electo-house and bass fun. Please check out our artist interview with Kill Paris, his heap of free downloads, and check him out at our BassicK Elements show in Austin on March 11th.

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Describe your musical style in five words or less.

Future Funk

Where did the name Kill Paris come from?

It’s a long story.

How would you say your sound has changed from when you first started producing?

Hopefully it’s improved since then!

What’s your DAW of choice while performing live on stage?


How did you become an Ableton Live Certified Trainer? Do you feel this gives you an extra edge as an EDM producer?

I started and ran the Ableton User Group in Fort Wayne Indiana. Im just very passionate about Ableton because it has giving me the creative ability to express myself. I love to open others up to that experience and show them how to create the music they hear in their head.

What instruments do you play and loop while performing a set?

Right now, just keys.

How did you and your sounds get so groovy? Were you born that way?

If you listen to enough Al Green and R Kelly, it just happens.

Who are some of your favorite up and comer producers as of late?

Too many to name! There’s so much good music out there!

If your funkalicious music could tell a story, what would it say?

It would say “Hey pretty lady, wanna dance?”

What can people expect to see at one of your live shows?

Energy and good vibes.

Can you talk a bit about the current tour you are on with Big Gigantic and Manic Focus?

It’s been the best! Manic Focus and Big G are the coolest people ever. It’s such an honor to be on tour with these guys.

What’s next for Kill Paris?

Soooo many things!




Nemo Junglist-BassicK Elements Showcase Mixtape

BassicK Elements Info:

March 11th 2pm-2am

21 +

Karma Lounge, Austin TX

Presale Tickets-$15

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