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Josh Money is an electronic producer who brings hard hitting tunes to our ears, filling them with angsty bass music. Josh began as a film composer and was later composing scores for video games. With his music featured on EA Sports and Madden NFL, Josh Money shared his production skills through many different media outlets. Now focusing primarily on production in his Orlando studio, Josh Money infuses dubstep with screamo, metal, and industrial sounds to give his songs an aggressive and appealing fusion that’s refreshing to hear. His focus on audio manipulation, as well as his interest and pull from different genres, makes us anticipate the release of his experimental album Network Decay in early March. Check out Josh Money’s new music video, his free sounds below, and our artist interview with this rising star.

How would you describe your sound(s)?

Something like The Shins meet Skrillex. I like to write music that I imagine someone from Middle Earth might listen to if they had electronic music. I don’t even try to write EDM per se, I just use the tools that are at my disposal to write the best music possible.

Can you tell us a bit about your musical background?

I’ve studied piano since I was five. I’m classically trained in piano, guitar, and voice, and originally had plans to be a more traditional orchestral composer. Hearing Hip-Hop Phenomenon by BT changed all that.

Do you feel that your love for technology has influenced your relationship with electronic music production?

Not to get too philosophical but I’d say it’s more that my affinity for electronic music is one of the main reasons I have a love for technology. Although the first half of my training was on acoustic instruments, once I discovered the ability to write and produce almost anywhere with a computer it quickly changed my workflow. I do make it a point however to never let the tech supersede the art. At the end of the day, the listener isn’t seeing all the cool gear you’re using so if you’re not connecting on an emotional level, there’s no real point.

Can you tell us a little about your past as an audio designer and how you got into composing game soundtracks?

When I graduated from Full Sail University, the internship I had lined up fell through at the last minute. I had a roommate that worked as a game tester and me needing work, I took the same job. It wasn’t exactly what I wanted to do but it was the closest media-related thing I could find that had some sort of connection to music. I started focusing a lot of my bug reports on very specific audio bugs and after a while the audio department took notice. This led to me becoming a 5.1 audio tester, then assistant audio designer, then audio editor, then composer.

Your sounds seem to have a darker industrial feel to them. Where do you pull these sounds from?

I’m very into sample manipulation. I probably have as many warped sounds coming from Kontakt in each song as I do synth patches. There’s just something about the way a pitched and stretched sample sounds that a synth can’t quite recreate. Dollar CD bins at Goodwill are a treasure trove of sounds just waiting to be twisted!

Which artists/genres have influenced your own production?

I’m probably as influenced by non EDM artist as I am EDM ones. Chopin one of my favorites; his chord movements and textures being some of the most emotive ever written. As far as EDM is concerned, I’m a big fan of artist who step outside predefined genres and excel at fusing multiple genres together; B.T., Celldweller, and even Justice were all big influences. I’m also a big fan of artist who fuse electronic elements into rock, such as David Bowie, Tears for Fears, Bjork, and Empire of the Sun.

If you could be part of any dream lineup, who would be part of the lineup?

The majority of my focus in my music career is on writing, with performance simply being one medium to deliver the music to the fans, so this honestly isn’t something I think about that often. I’m just as happy playing to a small crowd of dedicated fans as I am sharing the stage with a household name in front of a sold out crowd.’

What makes your music stand out from other EDM producers?

Recently, especially in the EDM scene, there seems to be a race to be the first artist to release the latest trendy genre EP loaded with the latest blog approved sounds, with very little focus on crafting and refining whats already out there. So much of it is forgettable and written with the intention of getting one or two plays until the next slightly edgier track comes along. My goal isn’t to ride the latest sound wave, but instead to focus on creating deeply textured music that’s not only memorable, but has a solid replay value as well. The best feeling in the world is to get a message from a DJ who tells me that a song I wrote years ago is still a staple in their set.

What’s next for Josh Money?

I always have my brushes on multiple palettes whether it be writing for a AAA game title or writing for the dance floor. At the moment I have an experimental edm album of production music titled, Network Decay, set for release on FiXT March 5th. This will be followed shortly by an artist EP of 7 songs as well as remixes by some high profile artist. I also have a few soon to be released remixes for Sludge Records as well as PLAY ME!


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