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It’s been two years since Bonobo first stepped into the scene with Black Sands. Until now, fans have been begging for an album as chill as it. With the release of Bonobo’s new single “Cirrus,” fans finally have a date to look forward to.

This new single “Cirrus” starts off right where Black Sands left us, and its laid-back, jazzy, deep house feel makes me impatient to get my hands on the rest of the album. “Cirrus” is typical Bonobo music that helps gets me through my stressful days. It is not elevator music, so if you think that it sounds like background music, listen again because it is so much more complicated than that.

If “Cirrus” is a taste of good things to come, Bonobo’s new album, The North Borders, will bring him success at an even higher level in the instrumental electronic music scene. The new album comes out April 1st, so let’s hope this isn’t a sick April Fool’s prank. After the album drops at the beginning of the April, a two-month U.S. Tour will ensue and if this tour includes a live band, make sure to grab a ticket. In a world of music that continues to rely more heavily on mainstream beats and heavy bass, Bonobo is the complete opposite. His passion and musical talent come out in not only his music, but also his live band performances.

To accompany the song, British animator Cyriak teamed up with Bonobo to create a music video. The result is a trippy kaleidoscope video that will leave watchers a little dizzy.

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Let’s bring it back to some more upbeat funk with a new disco-house collaboration from France. Jupiter took on French artist BB Brunes, a leader in new rock, and his song “Stereo.” While the rock vocals are not in English, American listeners still feel the words through Jupiter’s funky guitar and nu disco combination. Jupiter is a two person electro pop group based out of Paris known for their catchy, retro, dance hits in Europe.

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What ever happens to those tunes that get made but never released? Well in Vanilla’s case, he has offered up over 20 of his instrumental songs that have never had a home on his new album For What It’s Worth. Please listen to the song “This Time” to get some hip hop, jazz, funk embedded into your day.

“For What It’s Worth is a collection of 20 outtakes and loose instrumentals made over the past year that I felt could use a home. There’s a slightly jazzier vibe here than my other stuff but overall there’s no real unifying theme.” – Vanilla

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