DE *Artist Interviews* Dysphemic & Miss Eliza

The dynamic duo of Dysphemic and Miss Eliza blossomed after a kiss at a bangin’ DnB party in Melbourne, and now this collaborative couple is bringin the heat. Miss Eliza is a classically trained violinist winning her first competition at age 8, and has been awarded 40 + prizes for her well-trained ear and skill since. Dysphemic a.k.a. Julian Treweeke began exploring music at a young age and has now made a name for himself as one of Australia’s most unique and variable producers who is not afraid to cross genres or tastes. Together Dysphemic and Miss Eliza present to us Synthetic Symphony, a beautiful combination of dope beats and classical masterpiece all rolled up into one tasty treat that you should all sample. Their first track “Hungarian Dance” gives us a wonderfully wobbly spin on Johannes Brahm’s composition and sets the tone for the whole EP. Dysphemic takes you to the depths with his sub-bass while Miss Eliza elevates and lifts your spirits with her symphonic melodies. You can find this release crossing genres from DnB, dubstep, glitch-hop, hip-hop, and classical sounds.  Check out their lovely classical dubstep pieces below while reading our artist interview with these two artists, and don’t forget to check them out on their Synthetic Symphony Tour!

How would you describe your combined sounds?

Classical Violin making sweet, sweet love to a Sub woofer.

When did you first realize that you wanted to become musicians?

D: I’m the youngest of a family of musicians so I was influenced from an early age. It’s always been my passion and all I have ever wanted

E: It was my destiny/written in the stars for generations before my conception.

How is the bass music scene in Australia right now?

Australia is bumpin so hard dodge cars be getting jealous!  Every festival has bass music as a major force and the scene keeps growing.  The talent is rediculous really.  We are so blessed and proud to be part of it!

How did the two of you meet?

D: We met at a drum’n’bass party in Melbourne. Eliza thought I was a doushe, and I thought she was trouble. Who would have known???

E: Haha yeah Dys was pulling the mack moves, I even nicknamed him Dork’n’Bass because it was so funny.

If you could play with any other artist, dead or alive, who would it be?

D: Kermit the frog. He would sound gangsta toasting some raga muffin stylee.

E: Ever since highschool i’d planned to run away and live with Tricky.  So Tricky – oh!  And it would be a DREAM to bust a tune with DJ Lance Rock on Yo Gabba Gabba.

How do you choose the type of track you want to make?

Usually the tempo is only thing that dictates how we start a tune off.  After we get into it though, the track really has a mind of it’s own and can grow in any direction.

Do you think mixing live instruments with bass music brings an extra dimension of soul or feeling to that genre?

D: Mixing the violin over electronicae can add a completely new level of deepness and feeling that you thought it never could. It can really add so much magic to a tune and flip it completely.

E:  Totes babe!  And it’s also like a ‘Stage Show Extraveganza!’ ie: super fun to watch AND listen/dance to!

What can people expect at your live shows?

D: A mash up of classical violin, dubstep, drum’n’bass, glitch hop and double time rapping into one mass genre of audio sex (or so we like to think haha).

E:  High energy/sexy/fun fun virtuosic dancefloor time!  Our sets also cater for the avid chin stroker and hiphop enthusist.  Also, there have been reports of orgies nearly breaking out on the d-floor (but we suspect it’s just our one friend getting abit handsy every single time).

What’s next for Dysphemic & Miss Eliza?

Our Synthetic Symphony Tour!!! We’re touring Australia from Feb-April and North America from May-July launching our debut album.  We’re so excited WE CAN’T EVER SLEEP!!!!  EVER!!!!!

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