Tapesh *Artist Interview* DJ Tapesh

As a teenager DJ Tapesh flew into the U.K. and the U.K. acid-house, funk, and breakdance scene and has never looked back since. Now based in Düsseldorf, Germany Tapesh blends his funky grooves and infuses it with his own sense of style, which he showed on his past two EP Releases. Tapesh collaborated with Maxilijan for his One Night EP, released this last Christmas Day, where bouncing beats make tapping your feet irresistible. You can find Tapesh at Le Blogg in Lyon, France tomorrow Feburary 9th, and at the Angelovclub in Moscow on the 15th of this month. Check out DJ Tapesh’s latest, his sounds and mixes below, and make sure to catch him on his tour in the near future.

DJTapesh *Artist Interview* DJ Tapesh

How would you describe your sound(s)?

Crazy, sexy, cool, deep and dirty. Check this out: www.soundcloud.com/djtapesh

When did you first start DJ-ing and producing?

Mid  90s – 1994 DJing and producing since 2006.

What influences do you pull from? Who’s hot right now?


Would you say you incorporate world music into your songs?

Not so much I would say but when it comes to vocals, I do. In the end, they always become my songs.

What is the craziest thing you have seen while on tour?

My grandma was raving on the dancefloor while I was DJing!

What is your favorite part about the process of making music?

On one end, certainly when people are emotionally touched by the music that I play and when producing my own sounds, it is finding the individual groove of the song, the soul of the melody.

 What’s next for DJ Tapesh?

Remixing the next songs – 5 are in the loop!


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