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Welcome back to another edition of Tipsy Tree Thursdays here on Music You Need. This week I’m featuring Toronto based producer Avenue. Avenue brings some intense, uplifting, melody-focused progressive house. Avenue is classically trained, and it shows. He is one of my favorite artists now, so let’s move on to the music so you can become engulfed as well.

His brand new instrumental is titled “Evening Sun.” This song really highlights Avenue’s style by layering catchy melodies ontop of an uplifting house tune. It has some great drops too. Grab this free download today.

The track that turned me onto Avenue is “Emergence.” It’s a powerful, melodic house tune that has a summertime feel to it. I’m a sucker for great piano work, so the layers of piano really pull me into this track. One of the parts has almost a Castlevania feel to it, which I enjoy. It’s a free download, grab it while it’s hot and toss it into your sets.

“Headlights” is another progressive house track that features some vocal samples through out from “Major Tom.” Luckily, it’s not just dropped in. He’s taken the samples, chopped them up and given it a glitch hop vocal/sample feel. I love the halftime outro too. More piano work, more strong melodies, another free download!

Avenue has also put together some bootlegs. The first one is Adele’s “Skyfall.” Now, I love the original version, so it’s great to see Avenue take the deep, powerful vocals and add some synth work that compliments the theme of the original. The Bond theme he also added in the breakdown is great. It’s a full sound and fantastic production. Free download.

The next song has been stuck in my head all day. Avenue’s “Pull Me Up” has some gorgeous vocal samples. I’ll be playing this in my live sets for quite a while. I dare you to not have this song engraved in your psyche for the rest of the day. Free download as well!

Now for some electro house! “Pure” is a chopped up, heavy synth work track that is ready for the dancefloor. It has some catchy vocal samples to build anticipation and a heavy drop into euphoria. The vocals and breakdown remind me of some older Paul Oakenfold tracks. The electro house of course isn’t like that, but I like how the two are married in this production. It’s another free download.

Avenue is a serious up and coming artist. Keep your eyes on him and check out his interview below!

How long have you been producing?
I actually only started producing in late August of 2012. That being said, I studied classical piano and music theory for about 8 years, and in my early youth spent a lot of time writing really terrible songs on the piano. Also played around with the guitar, sax and violin but never really got too good at them.

What are you currently working on?
I’m currently working on three more progressive house tracks. I took a quick break over December and January from producing, but wrote a lot of songs on the piano. My next few tracks will feature a vocalist friend of mine who has been really fun to work with.

Did you learn anything while making “Emergence” that you’d like to share?
On my latest track, I’ve really been improving my mixing and overall sound design skills. I think I’ve got my musical style honed, but I’m happy to see my own sound is beginning to find it’s place.

How are you involved with/ how is the music scene in Toronto?
The music scene in Toronto is amazing. There are fantastic shows and events nearly every weekend and it’s basically how I spend my time. Venues like Guvernment, Sound Academy and The Hoxton routinely get some amazing artists that I admire so it’s always a good time hitting up the shows with some friends. There are a lot of amazing artists in Toronto too, so it’s a great place for inspiration and sharing your work.

I’ll write about your originals probably. I really thing they’re great and unique. Is there anything you’d like me to focus on?
My originals I think I could all use some work in the sound design aspect, especially my earlier tracks, but I have always been very pleased with the song writing and it is exactly that which is why I enjoy making them. I start every song by sitting down at the keyboard and coming up with a chord progression. I think unique, but satisfying chord progressions are extremely important, and sometimes overlooked in EDM music, so I never produce a song unless the four or six chords sound good just on the piano alone.

What is your DAW of choice?
I’ve bounced back and forth between FL Studio and Ableton. I think they are both great programs. Though, recently I have begun sticking to FL Studio, this is really just because I like how the UI is windowed, meaning I can view my piano roll, mixer etc full screen. Ableton and other DAWs seem a little cluttered to me.

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