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We are stoked to feature this new exclusive interview. We were lucky enough to get to catch up with Cherub of Nashville, Tennessee. The duo is made up of Jordan Kelley and Jason Huber, who bring about a sexy indie-electro-disco style that is irreplaceable.  They released their debut album MoM & DaD a year ago this week on Paper Diamond’s Elm & Oak Records. Since then, they have experienced a steady rise in popularity. Check out their album and MusicYouNeed’s exclusive interview with Cherub below.

MYN: Sex appeal oozes out of the speakers when you guys play. Do you two get booty like a toilet seat or what? 
Cherub: The tour has lots of toilet seats.
What inspired you guys to start making music together? 
David beckham
It’s pretty obvious where the inspiration for your hit track “Doses & Mimosas” came from. Where’s your favorite place to drop and drink? 
At the lake house.
That track is on your album MoM & DaD. Did you guys catch any shit from your Mom’s & Dad’s when they heard it? 
No. They pretend to hate to love it but we know they just love it. They come to as many shows as they can.
Another track from that album, “Hold Me” features Dominic Lalli of Big Gigantic. Did he co-produce the track with you two or just hold down the Kenny G spot on sax?
Dom’s all about the g spot and he works it with his sexy sax.
Coming from Nashville, TN I bet you’re exposed to a lot of honky-tonk country. What’s the music scene like out there?
It’s really awesome and diverse. There is much more to Nashville than honky tonk and country music.
I’m lovin the Unplanned Parenthood EP you guys did with Two Fresh. Whose idea was it to work with them?
Thank you. We had a blast making music with the twins. It was all of our ideas to collaborate.
Any new collaborations coming up?
Yes! We have some really badass collaborations coming out this year and early next year and we can’t wait to tell you about them.
You guys played a couple great festivals this past summer like Bonnaroo and Hangout. Do you play your set and then get out into the crowd to rage, or leave the partying to the fans?
We rage with the fans. We have always loved meeting new people and building relationships with them everywhere we go. Sunrise is the best time to pop bottles. At this point we aren’t even raging with fans, we are just raging with friends. That was kinda corny but that’s how we feel.
What are your plans for 2013, any new releases or big shows coming up you’re excited about?
Our new EP 100 Bottles is coming out very very soon and we have new videos and collabos mentioned earlier coming out as well. 2013 is going to keep us very busy and we can’t wait to go all over the place and spread the love.

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