takeabreak Take a Break: Volume 11

Hello again, everyone! Did you guys have a good weekend? I sure did. It was nice and relaxing! You know what I love to do after a good weekend of relaxation? I like to relax some more… I’m sure many of you feel the same! So I’ve got a lineup of some pretty chill songs for you guys for just that reason! I’ll kick it off with some Cyberoptics, followed by How To Destroy Angels,  MitiS, Them Jeans, and a very new artist by the name TRebellion.


cyberoptics jellyfish Take a Break: Volume 11

Here’s a small sample from Cyberoptics called “Jellyfish.” I’m not sure if he is planning on extending this short clip or not, but it’s very ambient and smooth so it’d be really cool if he did! This track is actually the product of taking a break from working on another track. Who knew that “taking a break” could be so awesome!? Oh, wait…

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How To Destroy Angels

howtodestroyangels howlong Take a Break: Volume 11

Here’s another “Trent Reznor heavy” track from How To Destroy Angels. I can totally hear his Nine Inch Nails influences in this one, which is not a bad thing at all. This tune definitely has the quintessential Reznor sound to it that we all know and love. There are some fantastic vocal harmonies in there as well.

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clintonvansciverswedishegil loveletters mitisremix Take a Break: Volume 11

MitiS never ceases to amaze me with his chill tracks; especially with the remixes it seems. Here’s a remix of “Love Letters” that MitiS edited then “chilled overnight” as it states. That doesn’t seem too far-fetched to me. I can almost feel the cold emanating from it! Alright, now as cheesy as that sounds, it’s true. This is a super relaxing track, so check it out below, and download it for free HERE!

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Them Jeans

flightfacilities clairedelune themjeansremix Take a Break: Volume 11

Okay, I’m really loving this one right now. Them Jeans remixed “Claire De Lune” from Flight Facilities, and I must say it turned out beautifully. The vocals are so rich and silky, and the subtle light drum beats mixed with the synth-bell tones give this track very angelic, calm, and atmospheric qualities.

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trebellion makeitrain Take a Break: Volume 11

Last, but certainly not least, here is a brand new artist with a debut track called “Make It Rain.” TRebellion is an up-and-coming group specializing in trap music it seems. They have, under their belt, this track and also a remix of a Pendulum song. I enjoyed this track, and I’m looking forward to hearing new releases from them in the future and seeing what they can do!

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That’s it for this week! Remember to take it easy with work, school, or whatever you’ve got going on in your life right now. Balance productivity with relaxation! It’s healthy! See you guys next week!