Vaski has taken the EDM world by storm in the last few years with remixes of Usher’s “Climax” and Dillon Francis’ “Spaceman” and has been releasing his own bangers as of recent like “Insane feat. Ava and Rising feat. Caligola.” This electro infused dubstep connoisseur is coming at us from Minneapolis and breaking the top ten charts like it’s nobody’s business. Even more recently Vaski has started his own podcast and is currently on the Execution Tour with Excision and Paper Diamond where they will be playing 50 + shows across North America. This 22 year old producer began with genre influences like metal-core, screamo, and hip-hop and now transforms his musical taste into passionate full force tunes that are sure to grip you on the dance floor. He is fully prepared for zombie apocalypse so check out his infectious sounds and interview below, also make sure to connect with Vaski and see him on tour along with Paper Diamond and Excision.


Where does the name Vaski come from?

I put my favorite letters in a random word generator, and after messing around and swapping in and out I came up with “Torvaski” which I shortened to “Vaski”

What’s it like being from Minneapolis? What’s the music scene like there?

Minneapolis is really a gem of the midwest, the more I travel the more I realize how lucky I am to have grown up there. The city is large, but not too big. It has a similar vibe to Austin, and seattle, with much less traffic. The music scene is split, both underground hiphop and dubstep/bassmusic are HUGE there. People love going to shows and they love to support their favorite local artists.

How would you say your sound is unique of other dubstep producers?

I am strongly influenced by british indie rock, id say my melodies are really what sets me appart from other dubstep artists. I really pride myself on making my songs as musical as I can. That and people say I am quite versatile, I like to experiment with new sounds, a lot of my music sounds quite different then what you might expect.

What are your thoughts on the recent ‘trap-style’ movement among electronic producers?

Dubstep started to get stale so it makes sense that people jumped to something more chilled out. I love trap but I’m honestly more excited for the doors its opening in other ways. Trap’s existence and popularity is paving way for other – more chill bass music genres. In an ideal world people wouldnt be confined to genres or tempos (how fast the song is) and I think we are heading that direction.

What’s your favorite part about making music?

The feeling I get when I really love something. I cant explain it, but when I am writing something I think is good, I feel like the world and the universe is aligned and I am doing exactly what I should be doing. thats a really new-age way of saying I love writing melodies.

How do you try and differentiate yourself in a music world that is now flooded with young talent?

Just by being myself and not trying to conform. Thats the biggest mistake new producers make, trying to sound like someone else.

What’s your favorite city to play in and why? Favorite venue?

Impossible to pick just one! I like to say: My favorite place to play is a party where outside sources tell me its gonna be boring and then it ends up being amazing. Im all about the unexpected.

What is one thing people should know about you?

Random thing? Im a big advocate of healthy living, I think our country needs to learn more about that If we are going to continue to prosper. Eat organic if you dont want cancer!

What are you looking forward to most about the upcoming Execution Tour? How did your relationship with Excision start?

Ive actually known him longer then anyone else in the dance community. I sent him a message on myspace with my dubstep songs years ago, saying I wanted to release them, he was the only label(rottun records) to reply to my demos, and we started talking online. He taught me a lot about how to finish songs and what will sound good in the club.

The thing im looking forward to the most (aside from playing in front of thousands of people every night of course) is meeting new people! I love traveling to new places and observing how things work in new areas.

What’s next for Vaski?

I have a few new singles that are about to come out, “baddest” out on burn the fire very soon, and another track thats finished but unnamed. Im also doing a Bi-Monthly podcast where im going to feature a lot of new music Im feeling at the moment, so keep an eye out for those on

Anything else you’d like to mention?
I am fully prepared for the zombie apocalypse.


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