artworks 000038526583 nk95du t500x500 *New EP* Justin Martin & Eats Everything   Feather Fight

Two of the biggest success stories of last year who broke out and made a huge name for themselves, Justin Martin and Eats Everything, have come together and created a massive two track EP. This new EP, out now on Hypercolour Records, just solidifies all the work they put in last year and displays the two producer/DJ’s ever-maturing styles and talent. The two tracks, “Feather Fight” and “Harpy,” display a true yin and yang quality between the two producers and their unique styles of house music, a beautiful marriage of sound. The title track “Feather Fight” has a jacking house beat surrounded by wobbles which leads into a beautiful breakdown of synthy goodness and then right back into the jacking house beat for full effect. The second track “Harpy,” probably my favorite of the two, is a little sneaky in that it starts with beautiful harps and laid-back synths set against vocals that tell you it’s “…time to let go…” but then quickly builds into a hard core ass-shaking bass line not made for the faint of heart. This sets the tone for the rest of the year and raises the bar for everybody. There is no doubt in my mind that this will see a lot of play this year and with good reason. Cheers to Justin Martin and Eats Everything for a massive collaboration EP and another great year ahead of them.

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