Thursday dojo Tipsy Tree Thursdays w/ Dojo
Hey everyone, welcome back to another edition of Tipsy Tree Thursdays here on Music You Need. This week I’m featuring Dojo, a 21 year old producer from Boulder, Colorado. He has focused mostly on dubstep and chill electro music and uses Ableton Live to produce. This combination creates his genre of chillstep. Let’s get to the music!

Dojo’s latest instrumental is titled “Gravity.” It’s a chillstep track, and it’s really elegant. I love chill tracks that rely on the melody and song structure to engage the listener and “Gravity” pulls those elements in. It’s a free download so grab it below.

The next chillstep track, “Renegade,” continues the theme of having a down-tempo and relaxing instrumental. The intro has an extremely strong melody that he builds upon throughout the entire composition. It has a great breakdown in the middle, too. Check it out below.

The track that originally turned me onto Dojo was “Mercury.” It’s a glitch hop track that has some fantastic bass work. The bass is full, loud, and has a really clear vibe. It’s a free download, so grab it and sneak it into your sets immediately.

Dojo decided to showcase his piano skills in the final track for today, “Blizzard.” It’s another chillstep instrumental that is full of emotion. I really enjoyed the melody and snappy snare hits. Press play and melt into your chair.

I hope you enjoyed Dojo’s music.  I think it’s absolutely gorgeous and I can see him improving with each production.  I can’t wait to see the tracks he has in the works!  Give him some love below at his Soundcloud.

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