I’ve heard that one should be weary of those that claim to know. On that note, let’s not outwardly project but inwardly inflect. What do you know and are you holding the idea so close you can’t see past it? This is Where’s Your Head At Wednesday and all you need to do is step away to see the sun’s rays.

Robot Koch


I love an artist that can strike me to the core, pull me from my routine, and send me dreamin. Blasting off from Berlin, Robot Koch waves from the heavens offering a free ride and I’m delighted. A strand of glitchy experimental hip-hop fused into futuristic soundwaves might scratch the surface for a definition of his musical stylings.

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His name says it all, he is Shlohmo and whatever that conjures in that mellon of yours, I’m sure you get the right idea. With a knack for pitch control and every effect there after, this producer paints a beautiful and maybe even a little dirty picture.

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