The duo Ortzy and Nico Hamuy are giving us some power house sounds straight from South America as HIIO, pronounced H2O. Ortzy grew up in Columbia, while Nico set his roots in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  Independently recognized as standalone DJs and producers, Ortzy and Hamuy are set to break the international barrier so their sounds can reach the ears of people all across the world. The high intensity and powerful elevating synths show us that HIIO is ready to nourish their fans with tight beats and get them moovin’ and groovin’ at all corners of  the globe. Check out our interview with HIIO below, as well as their new sounds, and their interesting music video Something About You Featuring Terri B!

How would you describe your collaborated sounds?

Big Room! Actually, we are focusing on making tracks to play at the clubs and at music festivals. For example, “CUBIC” which is one of our latest releases, is perfect for these environments. These days you will find some commercial stuff from us like “SOMETHING ABOUT YOU” or “MEANT TO BE.” These are tracks that we finished months ago but are now being released this month of January. As we were saying before, we are now producing strong sounds for the music festivals or mainstream markets.

What elements do each of you bring to the table when you are collaborating on a track?

Ableton live, Cigarettes and Red Bull to start! Ortzy always comes up with new plugins to make some crazy sounds, and he always tries to make strong bases. Nico always gives a progressive melody and when we need a commercial synth, he’s the expert to find what exactly we need for the track we are working on.

How is the house scene in South America as of late?

EDM in South America is growing and growing every year, especially in countries like Brazil and Argentina to name a few. Now all the DJS want to come on tour in South America. Latin people know how to party!

What can people expect at one of your live shows?

Be ready to RAGE! You will have fun %100! One thing we can promise you is that you will never get bored at an HIIO set. So expect lots of energy and dirty filthy beats!

How do you choose the style or direction of a track? Do you have a good idea before production or does the style unfold as it goes?

We usually start off with a base or a foundation of an idea so we have some kind of direction, but it really is all about putting in the time, and being creative and letting the track unfold. You have to try new sounds and see what works and what doesn’t. In the end it’s rewarding to see the finished product after hours in the studio together.

Why is HIIO so good for you? What does it do for a person’s body?

Well, firstly HIIO brings an essence to your life, providing you with the natural essentials of BPM. It nourishes your mind body and soul allowing you to let the music take control. You can forget about your everyday life and just close your eyes and get lost in the music of HIIO.

If you could play any show or venue where would it be?

Main Stage of Tomorrowland, Belgium.

Whats next for HIIO (H20)?

Right now we are focusing on making good music. So…it’s studio time! And stay tuned because we have so many bombs coming up in the next few weeks!


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