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You might think that going to see The Polish Ambassador might entail a very formal meet and greet with a public official who doesn’t really have your best interest at heart, but then again you might be wrong.  As a matter of fact you would encounter an environmentally-conscious partisan supporting the forward bass movement. With hypnotic beats and infectious grooves, this Ample Mammal never fails to get the crowd bouncin’ with his irresistible smooth sounds. His sounds are swayful and dynamic, ranging from psychedelic chill-step, to glitch, to future bass. The Polish Ambassador will be one of the many brilliant additions to the Gem and Jam Festival, which begins to shine in Tuscon, AZ early next February. The Gem and Jam features many electronic artists as well as the special treat of psychedelic artist Alex Grey who will be painting and speaking all three days of the festival, Feb 7th-9th. Please connect with The Polish Ambassador’s sounds and thoughts below and look for him at the Gem and Jam next month.

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Recently you’ve been in the mountains working on your new album Ecozoic. Can we expect to see that released soon?

Yup. I have a little hideout in Tahoe national forest. Ecozoic is finished. It should be released in spring. Have not ironed out the date yet.

We hear a few of those tracks are collaborations with Singer/Songwriter Ayla Nereo. How did you two meet and start working together?

Yes there will be three tracks on the upcoming album with Ayla’s lovely vocals. In addition to that we are working on a little side project. More on that soon!

Does escaping to nature help you get inspired to produce music?

I wouldn’t call it an escape to nature. I’m feeling certain that my days of living in cities are over. Nature feels more like my home and always has. That said, hell yea, being in the woods gets my creative juices moving.

Where did you find the Ambassador Jumpsuit, how long have you had it and where can I get one?

I got the jumpsuit at a thrift store in Chicago for 3.99. Needless to say its been a good investment.

Tell us about your new record label Jumpsuit Records.

The idea behind jumpsuit Records is pretty simple. I want to tour with artists whose music I’m stoked about. I’m not out to make money on the label, but rather use it to give lesser known artists some spotlight.

You went on a nationwide tour in support of your EP Superpowers last year. How did that go?

Well the tour was very successful. We sold out a handful of shows and we were packing the house otherwise. My sets became more experimental in tempo and structure, a combination of abstract downtempo beats mixed with that mid tempo glitch hop that gets those bodies moving.

You released an album called Mating Season in 2010 under the name Ample Mammal. Any plans for any new Ample Mammal releases in 2013?

Nope. The only non polish ambassador album I will drop is an album with Ayla Nereo. People dig that Ample Mammal album, and I think that’s great. There has been a lot of Ample Mammal flavor in my more recent TPA releases and I can promise there will be more as this project evolves.

What’s next for The Polish Ambassador?

A show in Reno tonight. It’s our second show of winter tour. Followed by the rest of winter tour. happy to close this one out with a bang at the gem and jam. Then it’s spring tour, and festival season. Life is feeling pretty full right. Just trying to stay humble, grateful and present with it all!

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