Bass Station Bass Station | Volume 7


Because our sub woofers deserve it.

Valentino Khan

 Bass Station | Volume 7

Quick out of the gates with the bass and hard beat, Valentino Khan kills it with this remix. One could venture so far as to call it trapcore; its ridiculous use of lasers that sound like gas-powered hedge mowers and a sample let you know exactly how to dance to this beat. There’s tribal drums and some really intense trombones. It isn’t the most approachable trap beat out there, but it’s well received  by this listener.

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Keys N Krates

WOODBLOCKS! BY ZEUS DO I LOVE WOODBLOCKS! They sound so perfect over sub bass, they’re the perfect audible opposite. This track takes an already hard beat and pumps some serious pressure through it. It comes out a complete and total revamp of the vibe. Sampled vocals give it a carnival-esque feeling that completely offshoots what they’re actually saying. Slowed and throwed.

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I feel obliged to throw some dubstep y’all’s way every once in a while. Nothing like sub bass with unintelligible squabble eating up the higher range of frequencies. There’s not much to it but gosh darn it’s nice to listen to. I always feel like I should be marching in formation for something when I play tracks like this one.

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Bobby Tank

Bass cave with stalactites and stalagmites dripping low frequency bass. Purple fluid dripping creating drop clunk noises. The beat reminds me of rowing a boat down The River Styx, and the samples are super ignorant, all that one needs to make a dope trap beat. Take it with a grain of salt and enjoy. Also check out Zario’s “Echo” off of his new EP The Way. 

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Flux Pavilion

Last but certainly not least is the bass cannon operator himself, Flux Pavilion. This is off his new Blow The Roof EP. He quickly comes out with some funky new ways to apply the bass cannon and flux capacitors we’re all so very fond of. I love Flux because of the clear and appropriate musicianship behind a lot of his tracks. Intense chord structures, gorgeous harmonies, well thought out melodies, and one of the most perfect sounding sub basses in EDM today (in my humble opinion). The EP comes out tomorrow, so make sure you get out and see what Flux has been working on!

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