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My Digital Enemy (MDE) is composed of duo Sergei Hall and Keiron McTernan from Brighton, U.K. Getting together in 2003, and starting their own imprint Zulu Records in 2012, these cats have been pumping out high quality house music ever since. They give us driving bass, pulsating elevating synths, and popping percussion, infused with tribal fusion elements like tabla drums. We can only hope to see what coming next from this duo of movers and shakers. Feel free to check my interview with MDE below. I also suggest you hit the play button on their tracks as it will do your body good.

How would you describe your sound(s)?

Uplifting House with tribal undertones.

What genres/artists do you feel influence you the most?

We like to think we are open minded and listen to all styles of music.  Influence can come from the most unlikely places. Our favourite artists in the house scene are Manuel De La Mare, Luigi Rocca, David Penn, Matteo DiMarr & Mark Knight.

Do you take long making your production tight or do you like your sound a little rougher?

We tend to spend a lot of time on each track making sure it sounds just right.  Some producers can write and finish a track in 3 hours.  Not us!!! We like experimenting with different sounds that’s why our productions are quite varied.  We are big fans of tough underground house but love the melodies in the mainroom uplifting progressive sound.

How much equipment do you own?

Lots!!!  We used to own more but got rid of a lot of it as it became redundant with the evolution of computer based DAW systems.  We have always used Cubase and now don’t bother with an external mixer, its all done on board the computer.  We do however still use an analogue compressor to phatten up sounds.  We also have 3 sets of monitors, KRK VXT4’s KRK VXT8’s & Mackie HR824’s.

The studio cupboards are full or old synths and samplers that we don’t really use anymore.  Soft synths have come so far over the last 5 years.

 If you weren’t a DJ/producer what do you think you would be instead?


What is the best thing you think music can bring to people?

Peace love & happiness

Whats next for My Digital Enemy?

Our next release is due out on the Toolroom Miami Comp and its called ‘U & Me’! Also we launch our new tech house  label Vudu Records in late Feb so are really excited about that.

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