ANSOL is made up of Aki Nair and Sebastian Sollerman hailing from Vancouver, Canada and Oslo, Norway. The two are now locked away in their studio in L.A. to share their love of music with us. Whether they be trained in percussion, piano, or production, this dynamic duo knows how to give us nice house synths and calculated build-ups that make our ears happy and our booties bounce. Scope out their tracks and my interview with ANSOL below, and remember to show them some love by connecting with them through social media.

How would you describe your sound(s)?

What we’re trying to establish is, ANSOL isn’t one particular genre. We want to set a precedent that ANSOL is associated with all genres and types of music. Of course our core will be the “128 bpm” tracks but not necessarily strictly, big room house, or just electro house. The few characteristics we’d like the ANSOL sound to be characterized are, clean, bold, powerful, emotional, and energetic. We’re trying to make music that people all over the world can relate to in their own way.

Where does the name ANSOL come from?

It’s quite simple actually haha… The “AN” comes from my initials, Aki Nair and the “SOL” comes from Sebs initials, Sebastian Soll.

What do each of you bring to the table in terms of collaboration in the production process?

We feed off of each other, and work off of each others energy. Seb has the piano background, and I have a background in percussion/drumset. Sometimes Seb will present a new idea, and I’ll direct it to the direction in which I think would be most suitable. Or I would be inspired by something approach Seb and we would get started on something new! The thing that really helps us when we produce is, we are both very open to all genres of music, get inspired by everything. And are always trying to do something new and innovative! This helps us keep our sound evolving, but also have that distinct ANSOL trademark.

When did you two first realize you wanted to be musicians?

We’ve both always been immersed in music, ever since we were young. I started playing the doluk and Tabala (Traditional indian instrument) in my preteens and continued that all throughout my childhood. As well as the drum set, starting in middle school and still play to this day! I (Seb) first started producing in my early teens, got fruity loops and then moved onto Logic! Like Aki said, we’ve always been immersed in the music, and its truly a dream come true that we’re in a position to do what we love.

If you could be part of any dream line-up who would be included?

Well this is going to be quite cliche, Axwell, Ingrosso, and Steve Angello (Not as SHM), Daft Punk, Jay Z, Pharrell, Kanye West, Alesso, Dirty South.. Yep we’re really reaching for the stars on this one… hahaha

Whats next for ANSOL?

We’ve locked ourselves in the studio, we’ve got TONS of music in the works and we’re excited to show you all. We’ve got gigs in the works and we hope to connect with you all in some way in the near future! :)

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