Trel Mack a.k.a. Katrel Kelly is back after his brief hiatus and gives us inspiring sounds from his recent Inspired By Greatness EP.  This Philly based songwriter/rapper touches on subjects of hope, aspirations, and rising above life’s obstacles in this release which have soulful R&B vocals on many of the tracks. Founding his own record label SKE with Q the Question, Mack is coming at us with songs that go beyond superficial pleasures and focus on truth, imperfections, and reaching high. Songs like “Trust No One” speak about darker temptations like money and the music industry, while “Where Do We Go” focuses on feelings of confusion and alienation that many of us experience. Warm synths and chords fill the tracks, and this combined with Mack’s flow tell us that he’s here to stay. Check out my interview with Trel Mack below and scope the sounds from Inspired By Greatness as well as a mix from DJ YRS Jerzy hosted by Q the Question which also feature tracks from Mack.

How would you describe your sound(s)? 

Inspirational and soulful with an edge to it. I would say that’s my core sound I want people to recognize when they hear Trel Mack.

What got you into songwriting and rapping?

Just the love of music, and its presence around my life. Growing up I’ve always played around with words ,trying to put them together. It kind of just stuck with me. Over the years. 2007 I started doing it on a more professional scale.

What do you think Philly brings to the table in terms of hip-hop?

Philly brings talent, especially in hip-hop. There are a lot of guys out here in my city that are extremely nice, and I really believe if we can get some type of foundation here in Philly to open up the market for newcomers Philadelphia will definitely shine to even larger medium.

Your newest EP is called Inspired By Greatness. What inspires and drives you to put new tracks out?

My life, other people’s lives and my thoughts, my feelings is what drives me. Letting the people know my story, getting it to the masses is what drives me.

How long does it take for your songwriting process to be complete?

It all depends on how I’m feeling, some days i can knock out a great song within a few hours. Sometimes it can take days to get a great song completed. When you are making music with substance it takes a little longer than someone who puts together. “I’m the dog that chased the cat, got mad and hit it with a bat”.

What do you like the most about releasing this EP off your own label (SKE Records)?

I like the creative control aspect of it, I mean I can do whatever I want to do with my music and that’s the beauty of it. Of course when we get to a bigger scale we have to follow a certain platform, However as of now we got the control.

Whats next for Trel Mack?

Just the continuation of promoting the E.P and getting these visuals done for the Inspired By Greatness E.P. I’m definitely working on some new music so keep ya eyes open and ears. Don’t forget to check me out on and Follow me on Twitter and Instagram @TrelMack.

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