Live, love, dance, play, stop the world restart anew, birds are chirpin and the sky is blue.  Walk along the beach, listen to the sound of the ocean. Pick up a seashell, listen to the sound of the ocean. Close your eyes feel the rhythm of your heart and listen to the sound of the ocean. Let the notion slide in like the wind and begin where the sound wave started and subsequently ends. This is Where’s Your Head At Wednesday, what better day than today.



This Producer/Songwriter/DJ defies genres as he slides from one EDM extreme to the other. As GrandTheft slides disco house tracks to trap, he will be stealing your ears’ attention and there’s no sorry needed.

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Make A Scene


If Minneapolis, Minnesota is going to keep pushing out great music, by gosh I’m gonna listen. With some great mash-ups of hip-hop and indie rock, Dimitri Killstorm and DJ Name stay true to the duos name and Make A Scene.

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