takeabreak Take a Break: Volume 9

Hey guys! I don’t know about anyone else, but I’ve been busy out of my mind lately. If this sounds like you as well, then you have come to the right place. Sit down for a second and take a break from whatever you are doing. It’s healthy! This week in “Take a Break,” I’ve got some tracks for you by Extinction of the New Dinosaurs, Vacationer, Blondays, and A.D.M.A.

Extinction of the New Dinosaurs

extinctionofthenewdinosaursindigolab committed Take a Break: Volume 9

Extinction of the New Dinosaurs has teamed up with Indigolab to create this experimental indie track. The sound is totally quirky and unique which is typical of Extinction’s style, and the vocals are just perfect for this type of track. This is a very cool collaboration, indeed! It’s free to download here.

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vacationer goodasnew silentriderremix Take a Break: Volume 9

I’ve always loved the remixes done by Silent Rider. This one is no exception. Take the lovely song, “Good As New,” by Vacationer and make it even better? Yes, please. This is one ambient tune right here. If this doesn’t relax you a bit, then I don’t think anything will.

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blondays alotoftime1 Take a Break: Volume 9

I just found this band recently. Blondays is an indie band out of Madrid, Spain consisting of four ladies and one guy each playing a different part in creating some wonderful alternative music. I enjoy this song in particular because the lyrics seem to contrast the melodies. It has very pleasant and calming instrumentals, while the words seem forlorn and longing. It’s an awesome track, and I look forward to hearing more from this band in the future.

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adma chilloutmixtapevol2 Take a Break: Volume 9

A.D.M.A. is a fairly new artist in the electronic industry. He has released several new mixtapes and mixes over the past few months, and they are not too shabby for such a new artist in the field. Here is volume two of his Chill Out Mixtape. There’s a strong progressive house presence with some gorgeous guest vocals here and there. It’s a nice, long mix so just lay back, relax, and enjoy.

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That’s it for this week’s “Take a Break!” Thanks for tuning in. I’ll see you guys back here next Tuesday.