418000 356528204444437 1562036703 n *Event Review* Dirtybird Presents: Justin Martin | J.phlip | Leroy Peppers | Worthy | Jan. 18

Last night there was another great Dirtybird Records quarterly party at Mezzanine in San Francisco. There’s always a huge turnout for their parties, which have grown to become some of the best the Bay Area has to offer. The venue always fills up to capacity and a huge line stacks up outside.  I could feel the bass from the Funktion One sound as I entered. I was excited because Dirtybird brought out a few of their key players this time around like Justin Martin, J.phlip, Leroy Peppers, and Worthy. For a sampling of their beats, I’ve provided the preview of Justin Martin’s Ghettos and Gardens Remixes Vol. 2 as well as Dirtybird’s recent BBC Radio 1 Christmas Takeover Special below!

With a little switch of the expected lineup order, Justin Martin was the first of the group to go. It was dope to get to see his set early while the place was still filling up. I took advantage of the free vodka offered at the start of the show. That perk generally only lasts for about the first hour until the booze runs out. I mean, you can’t beat free, now can you?

Christian Martin followed his brother with a set under his secondary moniker, Leroy Peppers. By this time the place was completely packed and everyone was having a great time. Dirtybird parties always provide plenty of good vibes. Leroy threw down a set that the crowd was really getting into.

Next came Worthy who donned some gold chain bling and took the decks with attitude. He played some really bouncy tech house that I couldn’t get enough of. His set was definitely my favorite of the night. They saved the only girl Dirtybird, hot new up and comer J.phlip for the final set. She is definitely one of the cutest female producer/DJs around. She finished up the show and kept the party going until the end.

There’s only a few months until the next Dirtybird quarterly at Mezzanine. Make sure to come out for that and to check out Dirtybird Records and support their music!

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