snowglobe 2012 lineup poster 1 *Event Review* SnowGlobe Music Festival | Dec. 29 31 | South Lake Tahoe

This year’s second annual SnowGlobe Music Festival in South Lake Tahoe spanned the three days of December 29-31. As we entered South Lake this year the excitement was palpable. The small, yuppy-filled ski-town found itself overrun by partygoers ready to bring in the new year winter-wonderland style. There was no shortage of snow this year as compared to last, with at least a few feet beautifully blanketing the area. Girls and guys clad in neon raver gear could be seen everywhere diligently preparing themselves for the ensuing madness of the festival by freezing their asses off in less than enough clothes.  With the promise of a few full days of slap-tastic bass music, they were all seemingly too distracted to notice or care.

snowglobe 102011 03 05 *Event Review* SnowGlobe Music Festival | Dec. 29 31 | South Lake Tahoe

Day one kicked off with Wiz Khalifa as headliner of The Main Stage and supporting acts like Big Gigantic, Beats Antique, Baauer, Clockwork, and Archnemesis gracing the other two stages, The Sierra Tent and the Techibeats Stage. The weather for day one called for intermittent snow flurries, which created a truly beautiful snowy scene unlike that of any other music festival. I had to stop and notice just how amazing it was to be with thousands of people listening to live music in the middle of a blizzard. Wiz announced his presence with the old favorite “Black and Yellow,” echoing through the grounds.

snowglobe 272011 03 06 *Event Review* SnowGlobe Music Festival | Dec. 29 31 | South Lake Tahoe

Mickey Mouse’s evil twin and EDM poster boy deadmau5 was set to headline day two. He was commissioned to play “Unhooked” at SnowGlobe, meaning he was without his Mau5head and monstrous custom visual set up, The Cube. He slapped out some of his old tunes like “Strobe,” along with hits from his newest album, >album title goes here<, like “Professional Griefers,” feat. Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance. The weather decided to clear up a bit, replacing the falling flurries with clear skies that introduced semi-unbelievable conditions. I was told that the low for the night would dip all the way down to -4°F. Even layer upon layer of warm clothing can’t prepare you for a music festival where the mercury drops below zero. Facemasks, gloves, furs, and blankets were not uncommon to see among the crowd. Trying to dance on snow is crazy fun and entertaining. Night two featured a ton of great acts across all three stages including: MiM0SA, Madeon, Chris Lake, Popeska, Flosstradamus, GRiZ, Break Science and more!

snowglobe 122011 03 05 *Event Review* SnowGlobe Music Festival | Dec. 29 31 | South Lake Tahoe

The final night and New Years Eve celebration arrived with the promise of Chromeo gracing The Main Stage for a live set. SnowGlobe certainly ramped up the supporting acts for this snowy NYE party with great artists like Polica, Ana Sia, Laidback Luke, Nobody Beats the Drum, Gramatik, Zion I, SugarPill, and ill.Gates, among others. While these major names pulled quite the crowds for their sets, other lesser known artists showcased their talents earlier in the day. Walking into the first main stage set, I was intrigued by Con Bro Chill, a mix of Lonely Island Boys, Party Rock, and the 80’s that I’d never heard of before, but after they brought some sun to the event with their hit “Spring Break,” I was breaking a sweat in the snow. Glad to see that SnowGlobe countered their heavy hitting set list with some new names like Con Bro Chill.

snowglobe 82011 03 05 *Event Review* SnowGlobe Music Festival | Dec. 29 31 | South Lake Tahoe

By 8 o’clock when AmpLive and Zumbi AKA Zion I stepped foot on the Techibeats Stage, it became much more difficult to decide which stage to chill at. This act marked the beginning of the New Year’s Eve craziness of big names that SnowGlobe brought out like Gramatik, ill.Gates, Laidback Luke, and Chromeo. It was an awe-inspiring experience to find myself hearing Chromeo playing live for so many beautiful faces at such an amazing location. On the previous two nights, the show ended at 10pm, leaving party-goers with plenty of time to head towards the slew of after parties located at South Lake’s casinos. Of course the third and final New Years Eve night didn’t wrap up until 12:30 PM. Ringing in the New Year with Chromeo and the sky booming with fireworks was a dream come true.

snowglobe 112011 03 05 *Event Review* SnowGlobe Music Festival | Dec. 29 31 | South Lake Tahoe

If you didn’t make it up to the mountains this year, there’s always next! We expect even bigger things to come in the future from SnowGlobe, so make sure to stay tuned. I already can’t wait get back in the snowy Sierra to ring in 2014. We’ll see you there, cheers!


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