Sometimes some crimes blur subtle lines. What’s right, what’s wrong, what’s light and can be found in song. It may forego what you think you are and the little we truly know. I’ve been hypnotized by music and knowing that, I know now, I’ve been hypnotized by more than sound. Stop, take a minute, can you do that? Hold the idea in your head for 60 seconds and review that. This is Where’s Your Head at Wednesday, Namaste. The divine spark within me honors the divine spark within you.



This DJ, Music Producer, Beatmaker, Tape Splicer, Music Selector, Accordion playing musicians musician is someone I hold an immense amount of respect for. Known by the name Quantic, hailing from Worcestershire, and killing it down in the south seas of Columbia I bring you flavor for your ears.

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Larry Lovestein & The Velvet Revival 


Damn this is good, that was all i could i think about as i listened to “You” and made us breakfast. as far as alter egos go, the infusing a slow jazz ensemble and the feeling of a smoke filled bar room give Mac Miller a split personality anyone could be proud of. Don’t forget to click on the official website for the free download.

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