takeabreak Take a Break: Volume 7

Hello again! Time for another round of “Take a Break!” School has started up again for many students. I’d say that’s an excellent time to rest up! Why not take some time to relax yourself before beginning your strenuous study schedule all over again?! This time around, I’ve got some tracks and remixes for you from Ra Ra Riot, Blondfire, Mitzi, and Klangkarussell.

Ra Ra Riot

rarariot whenidream Take a Break: Volume 7

I’ll start things off with “When I Dream” by Ra Ra Riot. This track really has it all when it comes to relaxation. The vocals are smooth and thick, the bass is deep and low, and the accompaniments are simple and melodic. This track has all the fixings to be a great zone-out tune. Just listen for yourself and see what you think!!

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blondfire wherethekidsare teamspiritremix Take a Break: Volume 7

Here is a fantastic remix by Team Spirit of Blondfire’s “Where the Kids Are.” This song just lifts me up inside. I’m not sure what it is about it that does this. Perhaps the carefree lyrics or maybe the energetic instrumentals. Either way, this is definitely a feel-good remix of a great track, and best of all, it can be downloaded for free straight from the Soundcloud page or by clicking here.

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mitzi whowillloveyounow Take a Break: Volume 7

This is a great new single called “Who Will Love You Now” by Mitzi. It’s got a heavy 80’s feel to it in my opinion. Maybe that feeling will differ for other people, but that was my first thought. It’s a very chill song with nice rich vocals, and warm synth accompaniments.

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klangkarussell smoothie koolkabulremix Take a Break: Volume 7

This is a fantastically deep house remix by Kool & Kabul of an unreleased track by Klangkarussell titled “Smoothie.” I saved it for the end because it’s the most entrancing of all these tracks in my opinion. You will get lost in it. Even now as I type this, I am beginning to feel sleepy listening to it. It’s just got a great atmosphere overall.

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That concludes this week’s “Take a Break” session! If you’re just getting off Christmas break like me, I know you guys could really use some relaxation to kick-off the start of the new year of work or school or whatever it may be for you. Hang in there! I’ll be back next week!