Diplo Preview 12 30 12 00011 *Event Review* Diplo | Afrojack | Bobby Burns | Pier 94

Let me get straight to the point, Afrojack and Diplo simply killed it at Pier 94 in New York city this past Sunday night. The venue itself, a convention hall converted dance floor, seemed to be nearly sold out to its 7500 person occupancy upon arrival, but more and more trickled in throughout the night. Diplo took the stage at around 12:30 am and the energy in the hall went up a notch. Everyone there could feel the place shaking when he dropped the beats in ‘Express Yourself’. Yet, if that wasn’t enough, down came dozens of giant beach balls from above, sending the crown into a surreal frenzy. The only complaint was that his set seemed a bit long due to the repetitive nature of some of the trap music played, something most of the crowd simply didn’t notice.

Now let me compliment the Pier 94 and Pacha NYC staff, because near the end of Diplo’s set I was pick pocketed. This is something that should be expected going into the city, but the fact that I was iPhone-less was certainly troublesome. From the second I went to the staff they had about five people out searching for my phone in the jam packed frantic crowd. They found it within thirty minutes and had the thief taken out by the police. A true miracle of the night that led to them upgrading us to VIP gold status as a courtesy just in time for Afrojack.

Afro Preview 12 30 12 0006 *Event Review* Diplo | Afrojack | Bobby Burns | Pier 94

So around two Am, Afrojack’s M.C. comes out on the stage, “from the front to the back, from the front to the back let me hear you for DJ Afrojack!” Needless to say, the crowd went crazy, but one of the highlights of the night was his recently released remix of Psy’s ‘Gangnam Style’ The EDM version of this billboard chart topper went for about eight minutes and had the entire crowd jumping and imitating their best dance moves. The thing that truly impressed me was how smooth his transitioning was from top 40 songs into his own beats, it wasn’t just good, but rather left me walking out saying “WOW!” The one thing Afrojack did was sneak in the beats of his hit ‘Can’t Stop me Now’ throughout his entire set only to drop it for the final song of the night. The great thing about this song was it had nearly everyone singing along… something you would expect at a progressive house rave to perfection. As well, Afrojack was just simply in control last night and truly looked professional unlike some other top 50 DJs as Steve Aoki who put on a decent show at pier 94 Thursday night but spent half the show jumping around. Afrojack concluded his second set of the night at exactly 3:30 AM (He played a show in Jersey right before).

Bobby Burns took the stage for the last 30 minutes of the night using the song that did together ‘Bridge’ as a solid transition. Bobby Burns tore up a Latin-sounding track that I haven’t heard yet, but it something I will definitely try and find. Overall, the night could not have gone much better. Great crowd, impressive lights, and artists that truly wanted to give the crowd the show of their life. If you ever get the chance check out any of these artists as it will be a guaranteed good time or the venue itself for any shows.

Photo credit: Andrew Rauner

BBurns Preview 12 30 12 0002 *Event Review* Diplo | Afrojack | Bobby Burns | Pier 94

– Dan Malone