2nuts *New EP* 2NUTZ   Bi Tetral Inadvertancies

Artists Atomic Reactor and kLL sMTH have now formed the glitch collab 2NUTZ, giving us some spacey sounds straight outta Colorado. Their new EP Bi-Tetral Inadvertancies is filled with driving future bass and synth melodies to get down and dirty to. The first track Buck Norris starts us off with nice isolated glitch sounds and proceeds into some gangsta melodic synths and breakdowns throughout the track. The third track Tree Mason gives us smooth sounds with jazzy chords thrown in there to give some extra dimension to the glitch-tastic track. The last track Blaptism sets it off with some grimey bass and percolates blaps in your face. This EP makes us want to hear more from 2NUTZ, showing their dynamic range and progressive future bass sounds on Bi-Tetral Inadvertancies.

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