Baktun Shift *Event Review* RE:Sync The Baktun Shift | FreQ Nasty | Wick It the Instigator | Project Aspect | 1015 Folsom

Here it was, the ominous day of December 21st, 2012, and the world continued on without any incident of terrestrial destruction. Of course, I never expected any of that, if anything, it was the fodder for sarcastic jokes. Instead of finding myself high up on Mt. Shasta for some energetic ceremonies, I found myself once again listening to exceptional electronic beats in the SOMA district of San Francisco.

Before arriving at 1015 Folsom, I stopped by Boomsday at Monarch to see our friend Hi-Tem play a fantastic deep house set. I had never been to Monarch before, a place steeped in modern legend as the home of the best sound system in San Francisco. I had no complaints, the Void Acoustics Air Motion Tops delivered incredibly crisp and clean sound. We were some of the first to arrive, but it wasn’t long before I realized I was surrounded by people dancing through the uneventful apocalypse. Hi-Tem’s set was very similar to the signature Dirtybird sound, only fitting since he was opening for Christian Martin and J. Phlip. As much as I loved it, I was soon off to 1015 towards the end of his hour long play time.

A few block walk brought me to 1015. I’ve been to this place so many times that walking up to it brings on the same comfort as walking up to your childhood home. Despite that feeling, the recent events at 1015 have surprised me. This Friday in particular, I walked in the door to be immediately transported into a Central American jungle. Trees and live bamboo adorned every space in the venue, giving it a mystical and primal edge. The front room, which is usually pretty subdued in its decor was done up like never before. In front of the DJ booth, were two circular screens showcasing the visual wizardry of ElectroMagi’s video mapping technology. The screens stood on either side of a small altar backed by a circular mirror which added an extra dimension to the installation. Upon the altar, a variety of crystals and candles were placed.

2390 *Event Review* RE:Sync The Baktun Shift | FreQ Nasty | Wick It the Instigator | Project Aspect | 1015 Folsom

We floated upstairs and found Akara playing the last song of their set. Next up was Sleepyhead, an artist who I had only seen play with Mimosa as Sexy Time, coincidentally enough, right at 1015 Folsom. My expectations were instantly blown out of the water as he opened with a noticeably house sound. When I had seen him before, he and Mimosa dealt out a powerful and groovy glitch set that definitely lived up to the name Sexy Time. I was absolutely stoked to hear this change of pace for a variety of reasons. For one, it showcased his versatility and skill. Secondly, I was beginning to miss the Dirtybird house music I had just left. Lastly, I was appreciating the fact that I wouldn’t hear a set even remotely similar in genre for the rest of the night. I made a point to stick around for this entire set,  bopping to Sleepyhead’s melodic and progressive beats while ogling the live art that surrounded me. Devin Harrison, Jeremiah Allen Welch and Dela all had canvases up and in progress throughout the night.

I had never heard Wick It the Instigator before, nor had I even heard the name, so I didn’t know what to expect of this man with a more than interesting monicker. Within minutes this guy revealed unbelievable versatility. He played every single genre in the book seamlessly, a skill I have seen very few people ever do. He remixed classic songs like “Bigger Than Hip Hop”, “Jump” by Van Halen, a variety of Pink Floyd, “Jump Around” by House of Pain and what I can only describe as a “Come Together” funky dance party. This was one of those sets that just keeps making the smile on my face grow wider and wider throughout the night. Needless to say I was sad to hear that his set was coming to an end as it neared 1 AM.

The infamous FreQ Nasty was next up on the decks. I had seen him earlier this year at Stilldream Music Festival in Belden Town, CA. This festival seemed to highlight the peak of the trap explosion that has befallen the electronic music world. Many artists who I had never heard any sort of trap music from played sets that stayed strictly within the lines of that genre, FreQ included. Because it had been a sort of overload, a lot of the sets did not impress me. I was ecstatic to hear FreQ playing a set that stayed much more true to his roots. In the end I called it wildstyle drum and bass funky time. His set was full of energy and driving pulsing basslines. His signature mop of massive dreads was lit up by stage lighting, his face in darkness, giving him a mysterious quality.

Of all the events I’ve been to at 1015 this year, RE: Sync definitely ranked in my top five for best music throughout the night. All the performers brought their A game and everything was thoroughly fresh. The atmosphere and experience was top notch, reminding me that Euphonic Conceptions throws some of the best parties out there. I’m always waiting to hear what they will come up with next!

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