Hey, everyone! I hope you all had wonderful holidays and are ready to begin this great new year together! Sorry I missed you guys last week. I was busy with Christmas celebrations! I’m back now, though, and I’ve got a few chill tracks for you that will make for a nice, short listening session to ring in this new year. This week, we’ll be hearing some tunes by Cyberoptics, Grizzly Squad, Phosphorescent, and Nightlands.



This track by Cyberoptics was removed from Soundcloud because of some technical issues, but Cyberoptics re-uploaded it because it was in such high-demand by the listeners. It’s got a great intro, not to mention that the rest of the track is equally as awesome. You’ll definitely want to check this one out.

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Grizzly Squad


This track is actually a free-to-download instrumental backing track from Grizzly Squad. The title “Make One With Me?” is fitting because I believe he released this track for free in hopes someone would record a vocal track to go along with it. Regardless of whether or not that happens, this instrumental tune, by itself, is very calming and easy to listen to. Check it out below and download it for free straight from Soundcloud.

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“Song For Zula” is a new one from Phosphorescent which was put out by Dead Oceans Records. This track is simply amazing. The lyrics are so simple yet profound. The instrumentals are beyond beautiful. The effects are so haunting and chilling yet soothing all the same. You guys need to hear this one right away!!

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Lastly, this is “So Far So Long” from Nightlands. This track is a lot like the previous one in a way. It doesn’t necessarily sound the same, but it shares many of the same elements. The vocals and effects are very spacey, and the instrumental background is simple and beautiful. This is a great one to zone out to, without performing any other activities, if you enjoy doing that with music. Just lay your head back, listen, and relax.

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Well that’s all for this week, folks! Enjoy the rest of your breaks if you are still on them, and enjoy this brand new year!! I’ll be back next week!