TM1 *Artist of the Week* Tim Mason

This week we have someone very special for you- an artist that has been blowing up the progressive scene as of late; a recent signer to the Size Records label and an extremely prolific producer and DJ, Tim Mason. Nearly everyone who has attended a live EDM event has heard Tim’s track The Moment, which has destroyed dance floors for well over a year now. He’s also gained a lot of recognition for his newly crowned ‘OMG’ remixes, where he recreates his own original songs. Our exclusive interview takes a look at Tim’s recent tour, his unique style, and what we can expect to see from him in the future. Check out some of his tracks and the interview below!

™2 *Artist of the Week* Tim Mason

You’ve started doing something a little different fairly recently Tim, where you remix your own songs in what you call OMG edits. Where did you get the idea for this, and how do you like the result so far?

I like doing the OMG edits cause it gives me the freedom to work on a track that people already know and also put a different vibe onto an existing record which is what I wanted to do so I could play with expectations of people and mix things up a bit.

You just finished up the Roll Call tour. What were the highlights of the tour for you?

Too many to mention but places like Vegas, Miami, NYC and Montreal were CRAZY! Also loved playing Cream Ibiza for the first time and UK festivals like SW4, Creamfields. Too many amazing times this year, roll on 2013!

What was the most memorable stop of the tour and why?

One of em has to be in Iceland, swimming in the mountains was pretty mental

What did you learn from this tour about yourself and the style of music you play?

Well it’s my first proper year touring so I would have to say playing in clubs around the world and getting reactions from the crowds certainly plays a big role for when I go back in the studio. The emotions from the crowd big time

How have you developed your sound over the years? What’s your favorite part about the music you play?

It’s really good, I feel like what Size are all about is what I wanna represent in my music

What was it like getting signed to Size Records? How has it been going for you so far?

Was seriously amazing. Finished the record sent it over and it all kicked off pretty quick. I love the family vibe about it all. So much cool stuff happening, watch this space!

You have a certain knack for creating big room tracks that other artists just love to support and play out at their shows. What do you think it is about your original productions that your colleagues like so much?

I’m not too sure to be honest I dont really think like that, I just make music that I love and I’m learning all the time from all sorts like wathing my godson dance to the Eastenders theme tune to how the crowd reacts in clubs etc. I think it’s important to go with the flow you know!

What will you be looking to change about your live performance for next year’s upcoming tour?

It’s about to get a lot more visual!

What is one thing people should know about you?

I’m a huge Batman fan!

What is next for Tim Mason?

More originals, more remixes and few collabs!

Anything else you’d like to mention?

Happy Christmas, have a blinding New Years and remember to always Rave on.

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