Keep your eyes out for Canadian producer HxdB (Hexadecibel). Lately he has been collaborating like crazy as he puts out hot tracks with deep syncopated rhythms. HxdB’s dynamic beat patterns make you want to groove to his lush synths and percolating percussion. Check out the artist interview below while listening to his latest collaborative efforts to figure out why HxdB is a producer to watch.

How would you describe your sound(s)?

That’s always a tricky one to answer because I feel like I’m constantly updating my sound. My main goal is to make dance music that will evoke emotion. I lend from elements of traditional house, garage and bass music, with a big focus on melody and percussion.

What musical influences do you pull from? What are you currently listening to?

I pull from a pretty varied mix of styles. I was a major D&B fanatic for many years which has paved the way for my deep love of electronic music in general. You might not believe it, but I really love metal, punk and hip hop. I’ve been listening to the new CunninLynguists LP, Little Dragon’s newest and TONS of amazing music that my contemporaries have been sending me.

Where did the name HxdB (Hexadecibel) come from?

Its a play on words. Since I work in technology, I took the numeral system hexadecimal and remixed it with the measurement for acoustic intensity, the decibel. Its nerdy as shit, but so am I! HxdB is just abbreviated because it looks cooler on a record and fits better on a flyer, hehe.

What draws you to producing sounds with broken syncopated beats?

There’s something so satisfying about creating a rhythm with a unique groove that can play off of all of the other elements in a song. Its always an adventure in seeing what sort of micro-grooves you can create by being clever with the placement of notes or other sounds. I don’t know why, but I’ve always been drawn to that sort of thing in music. I was the kid in the back of class tapping beats out on the desk.

What is your favorite aspect of collaboration with other artists?

Everything. Seriously, its so rewarding and fun to be able to trade ideas and learn from another artist that you respect. Its cool because every person has their own idiosyncrasies, their own work-flow, their own tricks – Collaborating is my way of figuring that out, and sharing mine with whoever I’m working with. I hope that the other person would leave the studio feeling the same and everyone walks away a better producer. The sum is greater than the parts.

Do you feel like contributing to podcasts or making your own (HxdB loves) bring your community of fans closer to you?

Absolutely! As I mentioned before I feel like I’m constantly updating my sound and turning in mixes at semi-regular intervals gives your supporters an insight into what they can expect from a current set. Not to mention, its fun as hell! I feel fortunate to receive so many incredible tunes all the time, it would be a crime to not showcase them.

Why didn’t the world end on 12/21/12? Do you think anything transformational happened?

Ha. It would depend greatly on what sort of theology you ascribe to to explain why I’m here typing, instead of buried under 1000’ feet of snow or being a crater on Nibiru. I think though that this year has been transformational for a lot of people just based on how close to the singularity we truly are. There’s no question that shit is crazy right now, the world is certainly changing at its most rapid pace in recorded history and its having an effect on every living being, whether its noticed or not.

What’s next for HxdB?

I have a bunch of things percolating right now. An EP on Kastle’s label, Symbols, an EP on the French label, B.YRSLF, a 12” on the Austrian imprint Disko404, another 12” on the newly minted Modern Math featuring 2 collaborations I’ve done with Daega Sound, loads of remixes, too many collaborations to keep track of, a couple of tours in 2013 that will take me across North America and also to Europe. Other than that though, I don’t really know, which is a beautiful thing. The sweet unknowing and the promise of tomorrow – It makes for a challenging and exciting life.

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