Thursday hairitage Tipsy Tree Thursdays w/ Hairitage

Hey everyone, welcome back to another edition of Tipsy Tree Thursdays here on Music You Need.  This week I’m featuring a producer that uses the stage name of Hairitage.  He is from Hillsboro, Oregon and his attention to details is where he shines.  Check out his complex and well manufactured tracks below.

His latest track is a sample stuffed Glitch Hop production titled “Meat Pie”.  Every second in the verse is filled with chopped up samples and is surrounded by a very catchy melody for the chorus.  It’s available for download, so grab it while it’s hot.

Looking for some filthy Dubstep? Check out his latest Dubstep track titled “Bwaaa”.  It’s aptly named that because I’m picturing Bowser raining down fire and Goombas on the Mushroom Kingdom to the beat of this instrumental.  It’s also available for free download.

I really enjoyed “Liberty Speaks” by Hairitage.  The inspired subject matter shines through the work and it manifests in a somber and soundtrack feel.  The second half has this pulsing heavy synth that adds emotion and a sense of urgency into the track.  Fantastic song, grab it while it’s available for download.

Are you a House head? How about some Tech House?   Here’s a classic Tech House track titled “Looks like everyone did house.”  It has some vocal samples inserted and keeps a lounge club feeling throughout.  It’s another free download.  Grab it for your opening set or house party playlist.

Not many people won’t at the very least secretly like Katy Perry.  Her big hit last year was “E.T.” and Hairitage is here to slap some life into the halftime track by plugging in some Dubstep.  I absolutely love this remix.  Hairitage brings the pain of Katy Perry’s vocals and inscribed it into a filthy synth.  Seriously, this remix is fantastic.

Hairitage is on my short list of people to watch in 2013.  Give him a follow on Soundcloud below, I promise it’s going to be an epic ride.

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