*Artist of the Week* Rob Sparx

This week we feature Rob Sparx, whose sounds will make you feel like you’ve been rolling around in a stocking full of filthy, dirty coal. Recently coming out with his Space Grime EP, this release is full of danceable tips and subsonic trips for your bass powered space odyssey. These deep futuristic sounds will get you dancing dirty in your space pod until you go supernova. Listen to his Space Grime EP as well as a naughty FilthFM mix below while perusing my interview with the talented Rob Sparx.

How would you describe your sound(s)?

I would say my sound is sub heavy atomaspheric dubstep/bass music though I dabble a bit in dnb and house/breaks music occasionally. There are a lot of different influences in what I write but I use a similar production approach for production whatever style im writing so there is a common sound in the music I write whatever the style. Of what ive released the deeper stuff tends to have more of a dub, liquid/funk/house and world music sound + the heavier stuff is more influenced by tearout, dnb and heavy metal but there is a lot of crossover there.

When did you first learn that you were interested in making music?

I’ve been into music from a very early age – my mum is a jazz singer/piano player so I’ve always had access to a keyboard and was playing classical double bass aged 7. I started getting ideas for writing piano music when I was 12 then I got into rock music and got a guitar + started messing about with a 4 track tape recorder soon after. Though I didn’t really know what I was doing I was trying to write electronic music at the age of 10 on an atari st but producing on a budget back then was pretty basic so I lost interest + stuck with live music until I was 16 and had access to a pc with a tracker program.

What is your favorite thing about collaborating with other artists?

Its nice to have a fresh perspective on a tune when working with other producers and at times when ive had no idea where a track is going another producer can come up with something I would never have thought of which works perfect. Also its great to take other peoples sounds and mix them up with mine without having to go through all the pain of creating each sound from scratch. A lot of the stuff I write is instrumentals so its quality when u finally get the right vocal recording on there that makes the tune come alive.

Your newest EP is called Space Grime. What makes it so spacey?

The EP is pretty filthy/grimey but with a lot of film music/euphoric atmospherics behind it and some pretty crazy futuristic basses so its quite a trippy wacky sound, the kind of music to get messed up to!

Why did you choose to pull samples from classic horror movies for your song Psycho?

To be honest most of those samples I have used a lot but in different tunes so I knew exactly how to get the best out of them – it was nice to switch them up with some fresher samples so there was a continuous mix of blended terror playing throughout the track.

What compelled you to start up Migration Records?

I wanted my own label as I was tired of having to fit in with other people tastes and I thought there was a lack of melody focused music in dubstep at the time. Although the label started off releasing dubstep it’s never been my intention to stick to one genre, so expect some more experimental stuff on future releases.

Describe the craziest show you’ve played.

I can’t say one show as have done some sick parties over the last few years and I usually hold it together despite getting extremely wasted but I had a pretty crazy weekend when I lost it proper at Supersonic Festival in Belgium last year – is a racing/music festival, the tent I was playing in was next to a track and cars wizzing around the tent all day long. Was a sick party lots of people good crowd etc, I played my set but had too much booze then ended up trying to MC over Chef’s set, apparently said about 12 words before deciding it would be a good idea to fall asleep in the middle of the dj booth and wouldn’t budge despite kicks from all the other djs! Next morning woke up in hotel not remembering how I got there and without my bag which had passport and tickets, managed to lock myself out of my room then get lost in the hotel before eventually finding my bag outside the front bit wet but with all my stuff intact and no cds/records missing! Weirdly I ended up in a seat next to Bar9 on train back home even though we’d played different festivals for different promoters!!

What can we expect next from Rob Sparx?

I’m just finishing off MIGRAT009 which is another ep but on a much deeper and dubbier tip, the basses are more seriously twisted and dark neurofunk in style and there are some great Indian flavour tracks on there, I will be posting a free tune on fb soon to promote release so keep an eye on my page. I’ve got a sick collab on the go with Ruckspin atm, am really getting into trap + working on a possible release for Smog with Trigon, some new material for Profound and Sub Slayers + some new DNB tunes so watch this space!!

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