MYN Sunday Funday2 Sunday Funday w/ Strip Steve & Housemeister

After seeing Boys Noize’s live show last weekend at The Palladium in Hollywood, I was inspired to share with you some of the other lesser known artists that are staples on the roster over at Boys Noize Records. There are many great artists to choose from but I decided on Strip Steve and Housemeister because I’ve seen both of them play and I can personally attest to their mastery of the genres of techno, acid house, and the like.

Strip Steve

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Strip Steve, real name Theo Pozoga, like a lot of producers and DJ’s started quite young. At the ripe old age of 14 he picked up his first set of turntables and started throwing parties with his friends in his hometown of Bordeaux. What makes Strip Steve an interesting member of the BNR crew is that he’s influenced by house as much as he is by techno. This makes for an interesting mix of the two genres in his productions and his sets alike. A really great example of this can be seen in his latest hit “Astral Projection” ,off his LP Micro Mega, which features the vocal talents of Pop duo Puro Instinct.

Whether he’s taking you on a cosmic trip to the stars with this disco house infused heater of a track or droppping a thumping techno beat he’s been killing it ever since he released his debut EP Skip School on Boysnoize Records and shows no signs of slowing down. This man is a beast and deserves every ounce of praise he receives.

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housemeister Sunday Funday w/ Strip Steve & Housemeister

Housemeister also grew up in Germany and rode the wave of the growing popularity of Techno and electronic music after the fall of the Berlin Wall. He is well known for his hard, driving techno and acid house sets in addition to his productions and remixes that put a bounce into techno like you’ve never heard before that make you want to dance like nothing else. If you don’t want to get down to the shit that he’s throwing at you then something may be wrong with you, seriously!

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