Psymbionic is back in San Francisco! Last night, he was playing at 1015 Folsom alongside a bunch of awesome producers like FreQ Nasty. Click HERE to check out the details of the show and even if you couldn’t make it, still check out his new remix of one of his old tunes.

He reworked the entire song, adding some synths and transforming the original into a revitalized track. Not many artists remix their own songs, but Psymbionic doesn’t play by the status quo. He “avoids an industry epidemic of drop-monony that overpowers the flow of music.” Not only because of his presence in the glitch game, my love for Psymbionic also stems from his good nature. For anyone that has had a bad week, here’s Psymbionic’s Facebook update from last week. With so many producers out there with bad reps, it’s refreshing seeing someone getting so big while staying so grounded.

I think it’s easier to look at the world and see everything that’s wrong with it – all the flaws, the corrupt people, the horrible situations that happen both by human hands and by nature.. but it’s much harder to look through all of that and search for the limitless beauty in the world on the other side of so much suffering.

Every moment we’re on this Earth is something marvelous, considering that we’re on a hunk of rock that is the perfect temperature for us to survive with all the correct elements needed to live, and that rock is zipping through space like a roller coaster attached to a giant thermonuclear plasma ball as an anchor. Our bodies are powered by incredibly intricate circulatory and central nervous systems, with countless synapses firing neurotransmitters which control our thoughts, movements and everything we experience.

So, take a breath and be happy you’re alive – even if your day was shitty, it’s still the most amazing thing that ever happened.

Here’s his totally revamped version of “Space Monkey,” an original track off his first EP Illusions that came out only a year ago. With this new remix, I’ve also posted the original and a mashup Psymbionic made of the the original and Chromeo’s “Night By Night.”

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Emil Gonzo

Surprisingly, I have never posted any mashups here at MYN, so today I want to bring you my first of hopefully many more. I give you a mashup of Rihanna’s “Rude Boy” and Jocelyn Brown’s disco hit “Somebody Else’s Guy” by Emil Gonzo who has brought old disco classics out of the grave and into my speakers. Part of a compilation of many other similar types of mashups, “Somebody Else’s Rudeboy” combines an old disco hit and a recent pop song. Lots of others to listen to!

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Tagteam Terror

Bringing it old school is Tagteam Terror, a disco house duo new to my iTunes. The two look to infuse old school vibes into their tracks, helping the songs keep you on your feet the entire night. The German duo have released an EP for their song “Talladega” which also includes three remixes. For a banger, check out Moonbootica’s remix. For a tougher hip hop vibe, check out Big Dope P’s Jet Ski Remix. For another fun house version check out Don Rimini’s version. As you can see, the EP has something for everyone.

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95 Royale

The next bundle of music is from 95 Royale, a 17 year old funky disco house producer that is cutty as hell. Although there isn’t much on 95 Royale on the interwebs, SoundCloud has saved the day. With only 2 songs released on Beatport, I was stoked to find that there were ten songs available to listen and many available for free download through SoundCloud. My favorite came out one month ago and is 95 Royale’s disco house remix of Daft Punk’s “One More Time.” Show 95 Royale some love by going to Facebook and liking the page because 200 likes is not acceptable in my book.

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