Wednesday1 Wheres Your Head At Wednesday w/ JBoogie, Sade, ill Esha and more!

The end of the world is in 48 hours. You, yes you, have 48 hours before your no more. What hello how are you, did you never do, better getter doin. What hateful words were never meant to be said, no better time than now to speak your true feelings. We’ve stole fizzy lifting drinks and reached the ceiling. Not to worry, tomorrow will always be there and the complacent love affair of an easy chair and an afternoon nap. Nope, pull my neck out the lazy mans rope tie-died and pacified. There’s only 48 hours till the milk sours and theirs a lot to be done. So as deep as we go we must come up for air. This is Where’s Your Head At Wednesday, seize the day, Carpe Diem.

jboogie Wheres Your Head At Wednesday w/ JBoogie, Sade, ill Esha and more!

I’m here to drop some science on you, a little JBoogie Dubtronic Science that is. This Dj/Producer has been killing the scene for over 20 years. hailing from San Francisco and influenced by every spot on the globe, JBoogie crushes boundaries of language, genre, and a wide array of styles. Pulling from dancehall to Cumbia, Jazz to Hip-hop, Latin to Funk bringing you what i can only refer to as pure joy.

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