Welcome back, everyone, to the fifth edition of “Take a Break.” I hope your day was nice and relaxing! I just woke up from a long nap, so I know mine was! This week, I’ve got several tracks for you guys from the likes of Night Beds, Viceroy, Sky Ferreira, Nord & Syd, and Cults.

We’ll start off with two new tracks from Night Beds. The first is called “You Were Afraid,” and the second is called “Even If We Try.” Both of these tracks share many similarities that make them so beautiful and pleasing to listen to. They’re both very slow Indie tracks dominated by soothing, melodic singing that will just leave you speechless. The first track is accompanied by rich guitar chords while the second is primarily mixed with silky string sounds that blend right in with the vocals. These are two great new releases from Dead Oceans records.

The next track is a remix by Oliver Nelson of Viceroy’s “While We’re In Love” featuring Ghost Beach. This remix is… amazing. It’s got such a positive vibe to it! I’ve been listening to it over and over ever since I found it. I really can’t get enough of it! The only way to know if you’ll feel the same way is to check it out below!!

This recently released track is a pretty atmospheric remix of Sky Ferreira’s “Everything Is Embarrassing” by Unknown Mortal Orchestra. It’s quite repetitive, but that’s totally okay in this case. It’s very ambient and calming; definitely a good one to zone out to while it’s playing in the background of some activity.

Here’s a super chill track by Nord & Syd called “Björkar.” The vocal melody is simple and catchy, and the vocals themselves are beyond beautiful. The subtle guitar strumming and spacey sound effects make this track another entrancing one. Those seem to be among my favorites these days. I just love playing them on repeat while I’m working or studying.

Lastly for this set, I bring you the Alex Young Remix of “Bad Things” by Cults. This is a synth-driven track with minimalistic vocals and more spacey sounds like the previous tracks. I think the synth lead really makes the melody strong in this one. It has such a simple but great progression. There are also nice short builds and drops throughout that really bring depth to the dynamics and fullness of the track. This is a great one to end with, and I highly recommend listening and downloading it for free at the soundcloud link!!

Well, that’s it for this fifth “Take a Break” session. I hope you enjoyed these songs as much as I did! I’ll be back next week with more, and until then, take it easy!