Whether you believe that life as you know it will come to an end with earthquakes, tidal waves, aliens visitors arriving to enslave the human race, a black hole opening up in your living room, OR that the 21st will just be another Friday; Liquid Geometry believes that it’s in your best interest to come elevate your spirit with us on the 20th.

We will be providing the galactic activation you need via entertainment on the Kava Lounge Starship on the eve of the apocalypse. Multidimensional music provided by time-warping sorcerers of sound, B.Bravo, Sinjin Hawke, Mike Gao, Sleeve, and Mateo will envelope your brain in sounds transporting their way from the 5th dimension.

B. Bravo adds a touch of love to every funked-out late night synth groove he gets his hands on.
Hailing from California under the influence of west coast GFunk, Roy Ayers and Herbie Hancock, he’s pioneering a new sound in electronic music connecting interstellar funk and R’n’B with contemporary dance, hip hop and ‘bass’ music. He is a founding member of the Frite Nite label/crew out of San Francisco. Here is a little sample of his funky groove:

Although his first official release only dropped last December, the music of Montreal native Sinjin Hawke (who’s currently based in Barcelona) has been floating around underground circles for awhile now, thanks to his time spent as part of the crew behind Montreal’s Boomclap parties, and the impressive run of bootleg reworks and one-off collaborations which preceded his debut release. Hawke’s sleek and robust take on hybridized forms of bass music have proven worth the buzz.

This is the last show that Liquid Geometry plans to throw in San Diego, for a while at least, because they are focusing on growing the record label right now. Speaking of which, they have a new release, Eigenheimer’s “In Uwer Hart” coming out the day before The Apocalypse show on December 19th.

Join us on the Kava Lounge Starship at 2812 Kettner Blvd, San Diego 92102, on Thursday, December 20th for an evening that will not soon be forgotten. Check out the event on Facebook here. Discounted pre-sales tickets are available for purchase for only $15 with no service fee here! The price is $18 at the door. We advise that you get your ticket in advance, as this starship is already getting very full.