Tonight we have some future sounding bass, a new EP from some awesome guys, and bass frequencies that make your brain scream, “DAFUQ?”

Boody & Le1f


The bass, the beat, the vocals, hell even the lyrics, are all out of left field. Dare I say “tribal-trap?” This sounds like the soundtrack to the batcave: visuals of waterdrops and bubbles popping fill one’s head when listening. Definitely different, and definitely worth the listen.

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The Reef

Quick and to the point. This is another one that sounds very different in terms of classification. All i know is that I wouldn’t be surprised to hear this song in a movie concerning a drug overdose. It lives up to it’s name, “Ignant” and just sounds like excess. I can’t even really tell what that lead woodblock esque synth is, but it sounds very organic and I love it. This is actually the first track off of a new EP that is entirely free to download. Heres to listening to this song in the dark.

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Dj Sliink

I feel that we should change up the pace a little to something that doesn’t sound like it would fit perfectly into the end of Requiem for a Dream, and who better to do this with but crowd favorite Dj Sliink? Electro club noises paired with beautiful 808s make a serious combination worthy of some boots stomping on the dance floor. The track is extremely approachable and very focused, even with all the madness that occurs within.

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Hydraulix & Slakk

Huge synths, appropriate lyrics, tight snares. Everything you come to imagine when you think about some trap. This is by no means new, but the synth work is awesome. They’re huge, distorted and rough. Definitely something to listen to with your “whole crew.”

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Finally I leave you with some boys with whom I’ve grown pretty acquainted. I stumbled upon their M1 Stinger remix and instantly fell in love. Found their Soundcloud and downloaded everything I could. Put it all on my phone and its been my soundtrack for the weekend. It wasn’t until last night, as I surfed Reddit, that I saw a post by the boys themselves releasing their new record for free to their fans as a thank you for the 20,000 likes on Facebook. (Oh, social media.) I’ve been enjoying it to its fullest, and y’all should too. You can tell when artists truly, truly appreciate their fans and do all they can to give back to them. This is absoultely evident by the words “FREE DOWNLOAD” plastering their Soundcloud and the way they address their fans. So big ups to the West coast monsters that make up gLAdiator, y’all cut the bullshit out of an artist/fan relationship.

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