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This week we have a duo giving you some sweet glitchy goodness, so sweet that it just might give you a toothache. Golden Toast and Badmath have come together to create the collab SugarBeats, giving us off beat glitch noise infused with jazz, soul, and funk to make a batch of yummy grimey grooves. The variety of sounds and samples that come out of the Honey Jar EP satisfies a dynamic range of tastes, while flowing together in a cohesive form. Listen to the new Honey Jar EP below and check my interview with this sugary sweet duo.

How did the Sugarbeats collab (Golden Toast and Badmath) come together? 

We started making hiphop instrumentals at the end of high school so we could freestyle and write lyrics for fun, and eventually got interested in electronic and began focusing more on the production. (Badmath)

When you were a young, did you dream of becoming a music artist? What do you think you would be doing today if you weren’t producing?

I don’t remember entertaining that idea at a very young age, though I realized I had a very particular taste in music. The urge to make beats came simply because I wanted to make instrumentals that would sync me into the headspace I needed for freestyling. If I weren’t doing music I think I would probably want to be an architect or a designer. (Badmath)

When did you first start to DJ and produce your own tracks? 

About 2 years ago I started mixing with Ableton Live and hosting out door parties. People were always gathering together to have a good time but there was never any music. So after a couple of months I bought a decent size sound system and my friends and I starting DJ’ing parties up in the woods. It actually seems to be that more and more kids around the age of 18 are starting to do this ever since we made it possible for our peers about 3 years ago. There’s nothing better than having all of your friends out in front of the speakers jumping up and down to your music. After just over a year of playing DJ Sets I decided to start producing electronic music. I was getting so into the music I was playing in my DJ sets that it became an environment that I could no longer live with out. After producing Hip-Hop through out my senior year of high school I knew I could pick it up fast. Almost a year went by and I had put out over 60 original tracks, from glitch-hop to Dubstep and Drumstep. Meanwhile as all of this was flying by me incredibly my fellow producer/childhood friend had been attending the music school known as “Pyramind” based in San Francisco, California. He was in town for a small amount of time back in April of 2012 and we decided to have an instrumental jam session at our buddy Isaac Marr’s house late one night. We came up with an awesome progression and were up jamming till dawn. When we woke up the next day Luke and I decided we needed to make an electronic song bases off the progression from the jam the night before. It had been to long since we had made a track together and we wanted to see how far we had come as producers not only alone but combined. The track turned out awesome in about two days time but there was still something missing… Isac Marr aka “The Sad Mothers” wicked guitar riffs. We had him come over the next day to record and the track was complete. This track is titled “Birth” and we actually saved it for the 2nd EP we’re releasing February 27th with StreetRitual. (Golden Toast)

How much time do you spend on production? Do you prefer your songs to be on-point or do your songs have more of a rough-cut essence to them? 

We tend to sink into a track for 3 days to a week or more. Really try to find the balance between the raw, broken down style in contrast with very tight production. Utilizing both styles helps accentuate the intricacies of each. (Badmath, Golden Toast)

What genres/musical influences do you pull from? 

From literally everything I’ve ever heard. The more prominent genres would be funk, soul, jazz, hip hop, dubstep, and glitch. Interestingly our music sometimes takes a turn towards gypsy funk too. (Badmath)

If you could meet any artist or creative thinker, who would it be?

Jimi Hendrix. (Badmath)

Joni Mitchell. (Golden Toast)

What makes Sugarbeats so sweet? What makes you squee?

Dynamic collaboration. We constantly switch up and splice styles, melodies and instruments within the structure of our songs, going from melting bass lines to bouncy funk in the blink of an eye. SugarBeats is specially designed to be fun and off the wall, to surprise you in ways that ignite your body and make your heart bloom. (Badmath, Golden Toast)

What is next for Sugarbeats? 

2 more EPs coming out soon, a host of remixes, more live shows, as well as an album in the works. (Badmath, Golden Toast)

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