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Alvin Risk


Alvin Risk has grown into a dancefloor favorite and is no newcomer to the electronic game. He takes all the best parts of dubstep, trance, moombah and lasers and turns them into a clusterfuck of awesome. His is the kind of music that you cant really truly appreciate until you hear it on twelve foot subs. I saw him a few months back; Every kick reverberated through the entire room and vibrated everyone’s bodies. This is a great track that WILL remain stuck in your head fo the rest of the night. Lasers and fat kicks secured this track’s position as an opener for this post. I wanna dance like crazy!

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This is a massive remix that makes a good connection between house and…trap? It is pretty wild hearing the two fused together, but in this case it absolutely works. Standard awesome house chords over 808s and snare rolls, as we’ve all come to expect from ƱZ. Definitely throws you for a loop in terms of trying to understand where on the frequency chart this track lies.

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Off to a quick start. Hip hop esque lyrics, a kick that sounds like its coming from a broken speaker, and a snare sound that sounds like something out of an industrial track. Definitely love how much is going on in this song, especially the random turntableism. With a jungle feel, sample heavy vocals and a beat that you cant help but nod your head to, this is definitely a chill vibe with alot of added bass.

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Gammer & Whizzkid

This sound is a little different from the stuff I usually post, but i cant help but shine on my hardstyle roots, and I think this song is a perfect fusion of the bass we all seek nowadays and the ridiculous energy behind hardstyle music. Great bass, great harmonies, I even enjoyed the vocals. (Which is real hard to say about most hardstyle songs). The keyboard solo ending the track is exactly what it needs to finalize the feeling that it instills in you through the entirety of the track.

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The last track i have for you is monumental. So many big names on this one, Juicy J, Jim Jones, Flosstradamus, Flatbush Zombies and El-P. All on one track. This is like a dream team. With the appropriately ignorant title Piss Test hating on not only piss tests, but probation officers, shitty nug, and “ratchet bitches”. This is like watching an ensemble cast movie, waiting for each individual to chime in with their unique input. This ones all over the board, hip hop/trap/hardcore. Whatever you want to call it, its huge and oh so very filled with swag. Smoke it like its legal!

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