takeabreak Take a Break: Volume 4

It’s time to take a break, people!! Slow down, and pause whatever you are doing because I’ve got a few tracks that may help relieve some of the daily stress that everyone seems to get around the holidays. This set is definitely heavier on the electronic side, but nonetheless very chill and just plain entrancing to listen to in my opinion. Today, I’ve got some awesome tracks for you by Statx, Mute Math, Metropolis,  and MitiS.

First off, here’s a very recent one from Statx called “TMI.” It’s just a short instrumental track really just meant to be a fun little experimental fun thing, but I think it’s very relaxing. It’s got a nice drum background with some sweet turntable mixing and guitar sounds up front. It’s a very interesting little piece!

Next we’ve got an awesome remix by Pierce Fulton of Mute Math’s “In No Time.” This one has an amazing vocal melody backed by a steady beat and smooth electronics. I seriously can’t get enough of this one. It’s a fantastic remix. Great if you want to zone out for awhile to some soothing sounds and voices.

Third is another remix by Dom Hz of “Metropolis” by Blynk. My favorite part of this track is the rhythm work. It’s very complex as opposed to the other sounds happening. It’s fronted by slow, warm pads and really spacey sounds that create a nice contrast with the backing beats. Check it out below.

Last, I’ve got two tracks for you guys by MitiS. The first is called “Endeavors.” It’s a high-paced synth track with some mild piano features. Even with the fast pace and quick beats, I still think it retains a lot of relaxing qualities. It’s upbeat but soothing at the same time. The last track, “In My Eyes,” is even more chill. It’s also synth-dominated, but features even more piano backing than the last one. It has a clear MitiS-sound to it if that makes sense. Really awesome style and ooooh so chill! Best of all, they are available to download for free on Soundcloud!!

Well that’s all for this “Take a Break” session! I would have posted this earlier, but I had some final exams to study for and take! Yuck! I don’t know about anyone else, but I know I could use a break right about now. Until next time, everybody!