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I recently did an interview with the talented producer Knight Riderz (Nick Degree), who’s killer sets pump the crowd full of raw glitch energy that make you want to get off your ass and get down on the dance floor. Knight Riderz just hit us with a dope mini-mix of his upcoming EP and a free download of an unreleased track from his Positive Vibez EP which drops on December 17th from Muti Music. If you like crunchy glitch, buzzing saw bass, and sweet distorted vocals, you will want to hear this new new coming from Knight Riderz. Let it flow through your ear hole as you read my interview with the producer as we talk about things like crime fighting and transforming into animals.

Can you describe your musical sound/style in three words?

Future Booty Bass

How did you come up with your artist name? Do you lead a crime-fighting life similar to that of David Hasselhoff in the TV show Knight Rider?

Its basically all on that super hero tip! You know keeping evil sounds from invading the ears of unsuspecting innocent people.

What drives or inspires you to come out with new music? What will your upcoming release be like?

The drive to make music is more or less my life, its like asking someone what inspires them to breath. Music just is in me somehow and I just need to let it out on the regular, that keeps me sane, regular and functioning. As well to me there is a very strong energy and feeling that comes with sharing music/art with people. Its like the more music that I let out the more positive energy is able to come in. That may sound a touch out there but its true and I believe sharing ones art and passions with the world manifests positivity in almost every aspect of ones life.

Upcoming releases will most certainly be forward thinking and progressive from previous material however they’ll still be across the board in terms of BPM and style as Knight Riderz music always is. Typically held together by the signature Knight Riderz vibe of low frequency energy the upcoming material will most definitely hold true to that…

Is there a certain quality or style you look for in your songs to consider them done?

Its nothing thats measurable but of course there is a feeling. Its like love, you just know when you know haha icon wink *Artist Interview* Knight Riderz

Being from Canada, what do you think Canadian artists bring to the table within electronic music? Is there something in the water up there?

I dont think its much to do with our water as opposed to our geography. Summer is not long here and the winter makes for alot of ideal conditions for being a hermit in ones studio. Canadians are just puttin in work and the ones that are, are getting their shine. Id assume much like most other places in the world, its that work ethic that pays off.

How do you engage the crowd during your live performances? 

Its a constant reset button at the start of the set. Even if the artist before me is smashing it and I have the opportunity to ride off the vibe to me its all about pressing the reset button in one way or another at the start of each set. When doing a Knight Riderz performance it is 100% original Knight Riderz music everytime. I dont play music from my friends or my peers cos I feel like playing all original music is far more of a rewarding experience for everyone involved. If more producers went this route I think EDM would be far more exciting for the crowd, build stronger followings for artists, and would definitely turn some tables as to who the most popular artists are.

If your music could morph into any living thing what would it turn into?

A Siberian Tiger. Its rare, beautiful, intelligent, and packs a punch!

What’s next for Knight Riderz?

Brand new Positive Vibes EP coming on Muti Music Dec.17th, The debut Knight Riderz LP for Seclusiasis, a whole bunch of really dope collabos and remixes, touring and festivals this spring and summer and a live custom audio/AV set down the line.

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