shadowfolk intheend *New EP* Shadow Folk   In The End

Shadow Folk’s new EP In the End just dropped today! I must say, it is a fantastically spacey group of tracks. It’s a bit more on the electronic side of things compared to their first EP Green Window. From the haunting vocals of “In The End” to the panicked rhythms of “Trouble/Emergency” to the immense build-up of sounds in “Windows,” this EP has it all. I love the short reprise at the end. It seems to tie everything all together just when you thought it was already over. If you like quirky, chill, psychedelic awesomeness, then you need to check out this new one from Shadow Folk! The link below provides the location at which this EP can be downloaded. It’s on a name-your-price basis, so feel free to donate however much you’d like to this great Indie group! Get the download here!

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